A Paranoid Palin Prepared for Beck Interview by Googling NYC Landmarks

Jan 14 2010 Published by under Featured News

On his radio show today Glenn Beck revealed that Sarah Palin was so paranoid that he would embarrass her on the air that she spent her time prepping for the interview by Googling NYC landmarks and facts about the Statue of Liberty in case Beck quizzed her.

Here is the audio courtesy of Think Progress:

Beck said, “She said, ‘I’m just preparing now.’ And I said, ‘What do you mean?’ And she held up her BlackBerry, and she said, ‘Oh I, I’m wondering why you have me here at the Statue of Liberty.’ And I said, ‘Cause it’s a symbol of trust.’ … And she said, ‘So you’re not going to ask me about the 25 windows?’ And I said, ‘The 25 windows? What are you talking about the 25 windows?’ She said, ‘The 25 windows, come on, don’t play with me. 25 windows, they stand for the different minerals.’ And I said, ‘You could be making that up right now, I have no idea. There are 25 minerals in the Statue of Liberty.”

He continued, “And she said, ‘So the seven points?’ And I said, ‘What points?’ She said, ‘The ones on her hand. You know the crown.’ … And I said, ‘No, we’re not going down that road.’ And she just looked at me like, ‘Um hm.’And I turned around and I walked out for a minute and I come back and she’s still Googling. Now she’s googling, now she’s googling Ellis Island. Her shields were so high.”

He blamed his own paranoia and Palin’s on being on television, which has led them to distrust Washington. Now if Beck would have said that being on television can makes it hard to trust people, he would have had a great point, but he said that being on television has made him distrust politicians and Washington, which is a bit silly to say the least.

To all the Palinites out there, this is your leader, a woman who is so paranoid that she can’t trust a man interviewing her on the same network that she is being paid to appear on. Fox News is paying her to be on their network, so there is no way that they would do anything to make her look bad. Beck’s story is a testament to her level of paranoia.

I that think Sarah should have spent a little less time Googling New York City landmarks, and more time studying the Founding Fathers, because nobody has ever been elected president based on the results of geography quiz.

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