Shades of 2008 as Sarah Palin Can’t Name Her Favorite Founding Father

Jan 13 2010 Published by under Featured News

Sarah Palin made her debut today on Fox News’ Glenn Beck program, and she ran into some trouble when Beck asked her who her favorite Founding Father is. Much like her choice in newspapers, Palin said, “All of them.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

When asked who her favorite Founding Father is, Palin said, “You know, well all of them, because they claim collectively together with so much…” Beck called bull crap on her, but she continued, “diversity in terms of belief, but collectively they came together to form this union, and they were led by George Washington, of course so he has got to rise to the top. Washington was the consummate statesman. He served he turned power to the people. He didn’t want to be a king. He returned power to the people then he went back to Mt. Vernon. He went back to his farm. He was almost reluctant to serve as president too, and that’s who you need to find to serve in government in a bureaucracy. Those who you know will serve for the right reasons, because they are reluctant to get out there and seek a limelight, and seek power, that was George Washington.

Palin struggled to name her favorite Founder. If it wasn’t for Beck calling bullshit on her, she would have given the exact same answer as she gave was asked what newspapers she reads. Finally, she pulled the George Washington out of her memory of first grade social studies and rambled with that.

The irony of a complete media whore like Sarah Palin calling for people to serve in government who avoid the limelight and don’t seek power is too juicy to pass up. By her own criteria, Palin should never serve in government, because she obviously is seeking power and the limelight.

For all of those who claim that Sarah Palin is a political force or dream that she will be president someday, her answer today should provide a dose of reality. Palin has not changed a bit since the 2008 campaign. She is still as unprepared, unqualified, and intellectually disinterested today as she was then.

Note to Sarah: the correct answer when asked by a right winger about your favorite Founding Father is always Thomas Jefferson, not George Washington.

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