The Political Apocalypse is Coming As the GOP Guns for Palin

Jan 09 2010 Published by under Republican Party

Political Apocalypse Coming; GOP Guns for Palin

The Palinistas have expended an unending and rather careless amount of spittle denouncing the “liberal main stream media”, which seems to have blinded them to the reality that Republicans have done the most damage to Palin.

Not only in Alaska, where her relationship with former Republican allies continued to deteriorate in her first year as governor, to the extent that the majority of ethics complains filed against her were filed by Republicans, but in the past year, Palin’s biggest enemies have come from within; former allies, staffers, family members, fans.

Palin’s most powerful nemesis, McCain/Palin campaign strategist Steve Schmidt, will soon return the fire Palin unloaded on him from her book, “Going Rogue”. Operation Palin Apocalypse officially commences Sunday night when Schmidt appears on 60 minutes. The only question remaining is how low will they go? This is the GOP after all. The party of Rovian election tactics.

Rachel Maddow gave us a preview of Schmidt’s jihad, which reveals that they’re going after Palin’s blatant lying about her guilty verdict in the bi-partisan Blanchflower Troopergate investigation, her lying about her husband’s AIP membership, her consistent inaccuracies regarding her record, her unwillingness to prepare for debates and interviews, and her odd speech affliction which made it impossible for her to address then Senator Joe Biden properly (apparently, Palin’s consistent “O’Biden”s caused the debate prep team to suggest she address Biden as “Joe”, leading to the infamous “Can I call you Joe” VP debate moment. )

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Republicans know she is not electable, yet they need her teabagging base motivated to get out and vote. The hard right (Limbaugh, Beck, Palin crowd) are the folks who show up to vote in the primaries. Could Palin walk away with the Republican nomination, leaving the Republicans doomed to an epic failure?

The GOP simply can’t afford to have Palin on the loose, leading the misinformed teabaggers on their crusade against moderate and secular Republicans if they want to survive 2012 with an ounce of pride.

The same logic applies to 2010, where the Republicans stand a solid chance of ousting the Democratic majority in the House and Senate. The GOP can’t afford to sit idly by and allow Palin to do what she did to the NY congressional race, wherein her interference caused the first Democrat to be elected to that district in over 100 years.

Republicans already got what they needed from her in Obama’s first year: Palin’s allergy to the truth made her the perfect GOP puppet to distibrute blatant lies about healthcare, the stimulus, global climate change, etc. Essentially she was used in an unsuccessful attempt to derail Obama’s first year.

She’s been branded with Liar of the Year awards from numerous outlets due to her last year as GOPPER puppet. It seems Sarah’s rather brilliant gut level political instincts may not be on par with the national GOP strategists. Pain doesn’t seem to grasp that the national party doesn’t believe that she’s “mantled for the Presidency”. The only point Palin and the national Republicans can agree upon is their belief that the ends justify the means; a temporary and expedient Machiavellian marriage of religion and politics helps them both achieve the power they feel duly entitled to hold.

Will the GOP go for the jugular? Will they release the photos they scrubbed from the Johnston computers? Will they bring up Abortion Wite-Out Gate? Will they bring up her lies about providing a birth certificate for her youngest child, whose birth is the source of undying rumors that started in Alaska before she was tapped for VP and continue to this day? Will they question her Wild Ride?

I doubt they’ll need to go there, as they’ve signaled to their obedient media water bearers that it’s Opening Day on Palin Season. Expect to suddenly see a press performing “due diligence” on Ms Palin. You know, the sort they should have done last fall. But they’ll hold the big guns as insurance for 2012.

Some things they won’t touch (lest their own hypocrisy be exposed): Palin’s Bush-like use of private email accounts to avoid FOIA requests, Palin’s unethical and allegedly illegal attempts to avoid transparency, etc. In other words, her Bush/Mussolini governing style won’t be the focus of the criticisms. After all, they can destroy their populist princess with a few fatal blows to her Hockey Mom image and be done with it.

Sarah was right about one thing: the End is coming. The End of her Reign of Terror.

Shame on Senator John McCain for unleashing the “Little Shop of Horrors” on Americans. He has yet to apologize, let alone admit his reckless carelessness. Country First, indeed, Senator.

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