Giuliani Lies: The US Has Suffered a Terrorist Attack under Obama

Jan 08 2010 Published by under Featured News

Rudy Giuliani was on ABC’s Good Morning America today where he parroted the conservative big lie that no domestic terror attacks occurred under George W. Bush, but he added that we have had one under Obama. Giuliani said, “We had no domestic attacks under Bush. We have had one under Obama.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

While he was repeating the right wing talking points that this is really a war on terror, Giuliani said, “What he should be doing is following the right things that Bush did, one of the right things he did was treat this as a war on terror, we had no domestic attacks under Bush, we had one under Obama…”

Since when is an unsuccessful attempted terrorist attack a terrorist attack? An attempt is not the same thing as a terrorist attack. Giuliani is lying. There have been no, zip, zilch, zero terrorist attacks while Obama has been in office. Under Giuliani’s definition of a terrorist attack, the shoe bomber, Richard Reid’s attempt would qualify as a terrorist attack. The plot to blow up the Sears Tower would qualify as a terrorist attack, and the plot to attack Ft. Dix would also be a terrorist attack.

Once attempts, or plots, start being counted as attacks the right wing argument quickly falls apart. The truth is that there have been attempted acts of terrorism on US soil after 9/11, while George W. Bush was president. By the way, didn’t Giuliani seem absolutely giddy while talking about terrorism? Giuliani ranted about how 30 hours was not enough time to question a terror suspect, but to Rudy has never actually questioned a terror suspect, so how would he know?

Giuliani’s only qualification as terror expert is that he was the mayor of New York City when 9/11 happened. If this makes Giuliani a terrorism expert, then Ray Nagin is an expert on hurricanes. Rudy Giuliani is not only a fake and a fraud, but as he demonstrated on GMA, he is also a liar

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