On MSNBC Ed Schultz Won’t Rule Out Running for North Dakota Senate Seat

Jan 06 2010 Published by under Featured News

On his MSNBC program The Ed Show tonight, host Ed Schultz addressed speculation that he will run for the Senate seat currently held by the retiring Byron Dorgan. Schulz confirmed that he has been approached to run for the Senate seat, and most importantly, he didn’t say no to a potential run for the seat.

Here is the video:

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On being officially asked to run for the Senate seat, Schultz said, “I am flattered, and I am honored and I can’t say that I am even considering it right now…I am in a different place from politics right now. I think that I serve things as good as I can right here, right now, so we’re a long way from any consideration. I plan on long time, and we’re a long way from any kind of decision. I’ m definitely honored by the phone call, but right now, no from either party actually has officially announced that they’re running for this seat, that’s how distant this thing is, and the race is going to be an intriguing one, no doubt about that, but at this point I’m not even considering, and we’re a long way from that, and I just thought that you wonderful viewers and listeners of my radio show deserve to hear it straight from me, your friend, Big Eddie.”

I didn’t hear Ed Schultz rule out running for the Senate. I did hear a man who is definitely considering running for the Senate, and he wants to see who else gets in the race before he makes a final decision. Just because he is not considering today, doesn’t mean that he won’t be considering it tomorrow. My best guess that Schultz’s potential candidacy will depend who the Republicans run.

It is difficult to determine how he would fare because we don’t know who his potential opponent would be. Schultz does have name recognition and good connections with the Democratic Party. His decision could come down to whether or not he is willing to give up his MSNBC show in order to run for Senate.

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