Michael Steele Gets On His Knees and Proclaims His Love of Glenn Beck

Jan 06 2010 Published by under Featured News

RNC Chairman Michael Steele was on Fox Radio’s Brian and The Judge show, and he left no doubt about who is really running the GOP, as he admitted that he watches Glenn Beck , and then said, “Love, Beck, love Beck, my goodness, he’s lovable.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Steele said, “Love, Beck, love Beck, my goodness, he’s lovable. I think Glenn Beck has a way of putting back on TV, and putting out into the community what he is getting from them. He’s reflecting, I think that angst he was referring to earlier, that concern, and I think he makes some valid points about what this ultimately leads to. Do you want the government to make decisions that you are now making.”

When Michael Steele was first elected RNC Chair I felt bad for him, because he seemed to be completely unaware of the level of dysfunction in the nuthouse that he was inheriting. After Steele was public smacked down by Rush Limbaugh, he decided that was fine with being the GOP’s token, and he has learned to kiss plenty of ass.

This is situation is why, no matter what happens in 2010, the Republican Party will not be back anytime soon. There is no leadership there. Talk show hosts are more powerful than the party chairman, and even worse, the party chairman feels compelled to grovel at the knees of these media figures, so that he can keep his job.

Michael Steele is a disgrace and a joke. The Republicans decided that they needed to put a black face on a white party, but they didn’t want that black man to actually have any power or do anything. They found a willing token in Michael Steele, and they are blind to the message that they are sending to the nation as a whole.

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