The GOP’s Collective Case of National Security Amnesia

Jan 05 2010 Published by under Featured News

We are in the midst of one of the nation’s greatest fears, being attacked by extremists. No, not just the “Underwear Bomber from Nigeria, but also Dick Cheney, Jim DeMint, and other right wing extremists who are suffering from a case of collective amnesia related to how they dropped the ball on national security.

The Christmas incident brings very serious and major concern for us all. We should come together at this point for the safety and security of our nation from a very complex and highly dangerous enemy. Instead many of the GOP are at it again. Give the GOP an “A” for consistency in attacking the Obama administration on everything.

We had a near catastrophe on Christmas day with the failed attempt of the young Nigerian bomber to literally blow up a plane along with it’s passengers and crew over the city of Detroit right here in the US. Thank God for the bravery of the heroes who assisted in preventing this potentially horrific act against the US from taking place.

SO HERE THEY GO AGAIN! In a matter of moments, before any real facts were known, the usual suspects, the GOP leaders are blaming the Obama administration for the near tragedy. President Obama is our Commander in Chief so there is a certain amount of responsibility that he must and should take in this.

He is very angered by the failure of the system to prevent a potential disaster like this from occurring when the warnings were present. His intent is to fix the problem and improve the system for our national security. His manner is
serious and concerned and the President does not want to promote fear in the American public. Despite the criticism of his tone and delay in speaking, most understand that the facts needed to be gathered before proceeding, taking actions, or making statements.

Many GOP leaders and some citizens don’t care for this conscious mode of operation. But I would like to remind these individuals of another similar incident
and what took place afterward. Former President George W Bush took 6 long days before commenting on the incident involving the now convicted “Shoe” bomber, Richard Reed who has been tried in our federal courts and is now serving time in our Colorado prison system.

Let’s take a moment to examine some of the facts with this new incident, the Nigerian extremist and his background and associations. We need to also explore this nation’s process and it’s ability to safeguard us from attacks of any kind.

While the GOP leaders like former VP Dick Cheney, come out to slam the President’s ability to keep us safe, let’s understand what took place before this man was able to board a plane with a bomb with the intent to murder about 300 innocent people. Their claim is that Obama should have known based off the warning signs and prevented this from happening. And I don’t disagree. But let’s also look at the fact that it was the Bush/Cheney administration that first issued the young Nigerian’s visa.

Two Al Qaeda leaders are claiming responsibility for influencing, training and constructing the explosive used in this failed attack. These two Yemen Al Qaeda leaders were formally Gitmo detainees released in 2007 by the Bush/Cheney administration and considered not to be threats to the US. Those two detainees should not have been candidates for the art REHAB program.

It is shocking that the main media outlets and some Americans give so much credence to Cheney who falsely led us into war with Iran and used illegal torture with no evidence of it’s benefit. How ridiculous of Dick Cheney to crawl out from his dark place to accuse the President of pretending not to be in the war against terror.

Let’s also take notice of Congressman GOP Pete Hoekstra who originally made the false claim that there were indeed weapons of Mass Destruction found in Iraq. Hoekstra is now shamelessly using this national security incident against America to campaign for funds to run for Governor of Michigan by denouncing the Obama’s administration to keep the nation secure.

Then we have GOP Sen. Jim DeMint speaking out against the President.  DeMint is known for his claim to make Healthcare Reform Obama’s “Waterloo”! This is where you observe the party of “NO” in action. The people and Congress
have a right to disagree with Obama’s policies if they don’t believe in them. But most of the GOP has decided to challenge all policies that this President promotes by any means necessary. It is not for the good of the people or our nation.

DeMint has decided to block the appointment and approval of Obama’s recommendation for a new TSA chief urgently needed for our nation’s airport security.

DeMint would rather have no TSA leadership than a leader like Southers who has proven qualifications. Southerss has experience in coordinating the LA police department and the FBI. He is known for his leadership in improving employee morale which has been needed at our TSA departments involving a safe airport environment. DeMint is more concerned that there will be some form of unionization that he can’t control.None of his claims have been substantiated.

It is also interesting that former VP Dick Cheney had such a close relationship with the CIA during the Bush administration and there are indications that
those relationships still exist even though Cheney is no longer in office.

It is also interesting that Cheney keeps announcing to the world that the country is
not safe under the Obama administration. How is it that in regards to this dangerous incident with the young Nigerian bomber that the CIA did not coordinate and pass these red flags and warnings to the right people and departments that are responsible for preventing attacks against the US?

How can you say there was not enough information to say that he should have been put on a “No Fly” list? His own father who is a wealthy man of distinction and respect talked to the necessary departments and no one saw need to validate that report? Hopefully this was some sort of breakdown in the system or human error that can be fixed or improved and not some form of direct sabotage.

The relations between the White House and the CIA have been a little tense. You have to have loyalty and coordination between these two departments to truly keep our nation safe. And how is it that seven CIA agents and one Jordanian agent were killed by a double agent last week? What is really going on? Who was really the President under the Bush administration? Is the department of the CIA loyal to Cheney or to this nation and our new President? Who is actually patriotic here?

While President Obama has been working tirelessly to improve the image and leadership role internationally of the US, he has also improved the relations with the enormous Muslim community in order to attempt to reduce recruitment by Al Qaeda leaders who promote extreme radical ideologies. Cheney and other GOP leaders are doing everything to continue the hatred of the US and to project the new President as weak and that the country is not safe.

That’s a scary message to send out to the world about the US. You would think that Cheney and the GOP want the US to be attacked. And it creates confusion with our allies. Did Cheney forget that the most horrible terrorist act in the history of this country happened under his watch?????????

The GOP continues to work against Obama’s intent to close Gitmo. Gitmo is used as propaganda by Al Qaeda for recruitment. The GOP continue to fight against detainees being housed in our prison system even though other terrorists have been securely housed there.

Housing those detainees could also provide jobs for many. The GOP also continue to fight against terrorists being tried in our federal court system even though the nation has been previously successful at doing so.

HERE THEY GO AGAIN! The GOP is simply about one thing and one thing alone……….defeating our President and taking over the country again. They were quite successful in almost destroying this country. They are looking for another opportunity to live out heir greed and corruption. As Obama tries to correct the corruption, the GOP makes sure that more takes place. The GOP are not for the people of the US. They are for that small percentage that already own the world.

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