Palin Bans Bloggers and Local Media from “Public” Book Signing in Alaska

Dec 22 2009 Published by under Republican Party

BANNED! Palin Bans Bloggers and Local Media from “Public” Book Signing in Alaska

Palin banned Alaskan bloggers and local radio and TV host Shannyn Mooore from her “public” book signing held today in Wasilla, Alaska. The event was held at the Menard Sports Complex that Palin championed which left Wasilla 20 million dollars in debt, due to Palin’s failure to get clear title to the land before building on it.

While Palin has refused to allow any media to ask her questions on her “book” tour, she’s graciously deigned to allow them all to photograph her incredibly shrinking self to their hearts content as she breezed past them in the rope line to Costco from her prop bus. But now she’s laid down the new law and is not even allowing her fellow Alaskans inside the venue where she held her last book signing in Alaska. She had the local bloggers/media identified by pictures, and on a “Banned” list, enforced by local police.

Gryphen from Immoral Minority (an Alaskan blog) explained as he was being escorted out by police, “Another reporter headed toward the entrance overheard us and asked us if there were REALLY a “banned list”. “Yes there is, and we are on it” was our reply. “I have never heard of that!” she said. Welcome to Sarah Palin’s Wasilla.”

And they call her “Bush lite”? She’s Bush Major.

For someone who whines about her first amendment rights (which Palin interprets to mean her right to lie and insult others without pushback), Palin shows no respect for the real intention of the amendment.

The First Amendment prohibits the Congress from making laws “respecting an establishment of religion”, impeding the free exercise of religion, infringing on the freedom of speech and infringing on the freedom of the press.

Sarah wants to establish Christian biblical law over the USA and infringe on the freedom of individuals and the press to say and write what they choose.

In fact, the folks populating the book signing were largely from her Dominonist church and included such respectable folks as Eddie Burk, local conservative talk show host who has worn T-Shirts proclaiming himself “H8TR” and a “homophobic, Red Shirt, Bible-Thumping, Gay Bashing, Tea Bagging Racist, White Guy Bigot”. So, those folks are OK. This is who she associates with and considers “friendly” media, so she gives them full access.


But she’s banning local progressives who have called her out on her lies, who write for Huffington Post and have been on MSNBC discussing Palin’s tanking Alaskan poll numbers, among other Palin particulars.

Nothing like a coward hiding from the truth and banning people who disagree with them to say “I love America!”.

Gee, can you imagine if this person had come any where near the White House? Can you image Palin having the courage to face armed teabaggers wearing “Water the Tree of Liberty with Blood” t-shirts at her Presidential rallies, as Obama has bravely done?

It seems Republicans always need to take away the freedoms they crow about. It seems like they’re always hiding and stifling free speech, among other rights.

Sarah Palin, book-banning hopeful, has now become a proud endorser of media-banning.

Palin joins Nixon in having an official “Enemies List”. Well done, Sarah. And here I thought her resignation speech “You won’t have Sarah to kick around anymore” was her sole Nixon connection. Much to be proud of, this Christmas season, eh, Sister Sarah?

Republican leaders don’t allow dissent. That’s just how they’re “wired”.

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