Fox News Uses Winter Storms as Evidence against Global Warming

Dec 21 2009 Published by under Republican Party

On FNC’s America’s Newsroom today, reporter Greg Palkot was delivering a report on how the recent winter weather in Europe is causing travel problems, when he added, “A pre winter storm like Europe hasn’t seen in years, forget about all that global warming talk.” According to Fox, snow in winter is now evidence against global warming.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

The first part of Palkot’s report was dedicated to the fact that the weather has caused problems for the Eurostar line, when he delivered his own little bit of commentary, “A pre-winter winter storm like Europe hasn’t seen in years, forget about all that global warming talk.”

Deniers try to paint climate change as a strictly a shifted in climate. According to them climate change means that it will hot in winter and cold in the summer, but they ignore the agreement among the vast majority of scientists that climate change exasperates climate, which leads to long terms climate changes. If Europe would start experiencing these kinds of pre winter storms with regularity then that could be a symptom of climate change.

One winter storm does not prove or disprove the science on climate change, no matter what Fox News wants its viewers to believe. One of the network’s standard defenses against charges of bias is that their news division is separate from their commentators, but as Palkot demonstrated this is not actually the case.

Ideology colors the reporting on Fox News. Palkot could have given his report on travel conditions in Europe without commenting on global warming, but instead he had to frame his report as evidence against global warming. This is not something that an objective news division does, and it most certainly isn’t fair and balanced.

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