The Rogue Diva Strikes Again As Palin Stiffs Hairdresser

Dec 15 2009 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party

Rogue Diva Palin Stiffs Hairdresser

I guess things were different when the RNC was paying for Sister Sarah’s hair, makeup and clothes, because left to her own devices, she can’t seem to even manage to pay for services rendered.

In a move fit for the Populist Princess of the Joe Six Packs and Holly Hairdressers of Real Murkica, Palin dragged Rhonda Halliday of Images Hair Studio and Day Spa, a local hairdresser, away from her son’s dentist appointment on a Wednesday morning in Salt Lake City, Utah for an emergency hair session.

The hairdresser rushed to Sarah’s hotel, where she was admonished not to speak to the Holy One unless spoken to.

After paying for her own valet parking, Rhonda did Sarah’s hair whilst Sarah made “just like me” chat with her friends and family. When she was finished, the Sarah entourage and Star of Costco Book Signings took off, leaving the hairdresser unpaid and out the ten dollar valet parking to boot.

But, true to form, Sarah did leave her a book and some pictures of herself.

After frantically calling around, Rhonda was told to send an invoice to Palin’s personal assistant. As someone who also lives via freelance work, all I can say is good luck getting that invoice paid, Rhonda. Real America feels your pain.

This is, of course, what Sarah means by “fiscal conservatism”. If all of the burden falls on the little Holly Hairdressers of the world, entitled people who have been mantled by God to lead America into End Days can focus on their privileges better.

Rhonda should take comfort that she wasn’t the only person stiffed by Palin on her Jet Tour. Apparently the Salt Lake City Republicans were also left out in the cold.

Rogue Diva on the loose!

Run, Sarah, run! Sarah Palin 2012!

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