Sarah Palin Tries to Take Credit for Obama’s Nobel Speech

Dec 12 2009 Published by under Republican Party, White House

On Friday’s O’Reilly Factor guest host Laura Ingrham was running through the conservative reaction to Obama’s Nobel speech, which most conservatives praised, except for Sarah Palin who tried to take credit for the speech by saying, “I thumbed through my book this morning to say wow, that really sounded familiar.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Palin said, “I liked what he said. In fact, I thumbed through my book this morning to say wow that really sounded familiar.” Instead of praising the president’s speech, Palin tries to take credit for it. She made it seem like Obama got the ideas in his speech from her reading her book. However, she would be hard pressed to find anything close to Obama’s speech in her ghostwritten fairy tale.

Isn’t it interesting that Sarah Palin had to thumb through the book, when you consider that she supposedly wrote? Sarah did also manage to work in a plug for the book. I was shocked that she didn’t something like I thumbed through a copy of my book, which is available at bookstores everywhere.

If Palin’s book becomes the blue print for conservatism then the Republican Party is in a world of trouble. I wish that she could point out the passage in her book that Obama took his speech from. Of course in order to do this she would have actually had to have read her book, and it is questionable that she has.

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