President Barack Obama, World Leader and Peacemaker in Wartime

Dec 12 2009 Published by under Featured News

While accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, President Barack Obama gave a powerful and historical lecture in Oslo, Norway. He was able to justify how a leader of a free nation could be involved in two wars, escalate troops by thousands and still be able to rightfully accept the Nobel Peace Prize. It was sheer genius and Obama at his best.

He began by acknowledging the fact that his accomplishments in matters of peace are in its beginning stages and are no comparison to some of the previous recipients of this prestigious award. He was very humble in his address to those honoring this occasion. It was a very serious lecture that only a man of President Obama’s stature, vision and intelligence could make.

He is a real leader of substance. Even the GOP found it difficult to proclaim any criticism of this speech. So since they could not beat him on this, they decided to join him by approving of the message he delivered.

The President was able to point out and assess the role of the United States as a leader in the freedom and protection of European nations. He reminded those present how the blood and lives of many American soldiers had been shed with honor in the name of peace.

He is proud to be an American, world leader and peacemaker. Obama has put the seeds in place and has been working to create and reestablish allies to illicit their participation in a world order that protects the state of humanity and freedom.

Unlike his GOP predecessors, President Obama stated that under his watch, the US would not torture and that the base at Guantanamo would be closed. He also stated that the US seeks allies in addressing the human injustices around the globe from the genocide in Darfur to those who are brutalized while peacefully protesting in Iran. This world leader cares about the state of humanity.

Although, he has nothing but respect and honor for previous recipients of the Nobel Prize for Peace like Dr Martin Luther King Jr., he is in a different position. He stands as the “commander in chief” of the United States and he is responsible for protecting our country and being a world leader along with other peaceful countries. Obama states that there is real “Evil” out there. Thus, sometimes force is necessary for the protection of the innocent. As an example, force was needed to stop Hitler.

He holds a doctrine that the intent is to reduce nuclear proliferation in the world and the President actively seeks to work toward world peace. He believes that serious sanctions should be lodged against those who violate the laws of nuclear proliferation.

I can’t imagine Cheney, Palin or any of the other GOP’s so called leaders, who constantly make outrageous claims against the President, being able to stand in the shoes of Obama. Even after such a brilliant and historic speech, the news media continues to provide Sarah Palin free media time to attack anyone and any policy she wants to all day long simply because she is a media sensation. It implies that there is truth in what she is saying. What she actually does is stretch and bend the truth. It is frightening and sickening to watch!

America please wake up, and support your President. Listen carefully and use your common sense. All the delays, conflicts and confusion taking place around healthcare reform and other policies are all created by the GOP to defeat our President at all costs. Please don’t buy into the GOP’s misleading information. Look at the GOP’s loyalty to big business and not the average American. They will agree with the President on one thing and one thing only and that is WAR!

All of a sudden, it does not matter to the GOP about the national deficit as long as it is about the war. The President has been dealt a really bad hand. He inherited 2 wars, the worst economy in 30 years and unemployment at a devastating level to our nation. The GOP did not support regulation of Wall Street in this most recent vote.

Again the GOP operates for big business and not Main Street. The GOP has only one intention and that is to bring down the President and the Democratic Party and if they have to destroy the country to do so, then so be it. They are hoping if they accomplish their goal, then Americans will blame Obama and the Dems and they will be voted back on top. Hopefully the majority of Americans are smarter than that.

Some of the “evil” that Obama speaks of also exists right here in our own country and is broadcast daily as attacks against our President who has the makings to be one of the greatest leader’s of our time.

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