The Republican America: A Nation Guided by Fear

Dec 06 2009 Published by under Featured News

The Republican Party and its Right Wing Nuts continue to bombard the American people with lies and misleading information on everything from healthcare reform to the economy to jobs. They have managed to win the “message” war by convincing mainstream Americans that they have everything to fear from the Obama administration.

The GOP has given FEAR a new and outrageous energy all centered on our esteemed President. They have attacked his patriotism, his race, his religion, his wife, his work ethic, his birth, his demeanor, his strength, his character, his travel, his speeches, his vision, his message, his community service, his record, his staff, his cabinet, his appointments, his policies, his vacations, his intelligence, his education, his timing, his associates, his respect for other nations and leaders, and so much more.

I have never seen anything like this before. The GOP has manipulated the media with so much fear mongering on such a constant and extreme basis that the American people truly don’t know what to believe anymore. They have assassinated the President’s character and administration on every level and at every turn; and they have not let up for a second.

Former VP Dick Cheney has led the pack in fear mongering. Dick Cheney is the real “axis” of evil. His need to project to the United States and the rest of the world that President Obama and his administration are weak is completely un-American and should be investigated. There should be charges brought against him for defaming the character and office of the President of the United States of America. Why is the nation listening and taking his word as truth?

Shouldn’t there be some reservations about Cheney’s character? He was a man who operated in almost total secrecy while in office but now finds himself in front of every camera available except Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. Isn’t Cheney the man who “accidentally shot his good friend in a hunting incident?

I$$sn’t Cheney the man who called for illegal torture when information was already gained through proper channels? Isn’t Cheney the man who desperately tried to get his chief of staff, Scooter Libby, pardoned by Bush after Libby had been convicted of leaking the identity of a CIA official whose husband questioned the legitimacy of information leading up to the war in Iraq? Has America forgotten these facts? Well, let me refresh your memory.

(Trusted journalist and former “Meet the Press” commentator, Tim Russert on Cheney’s chief of staff trial and conviction)

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How can Cheney play such a judgmental role against our President of ten months? Under his watch, our country was viciously and horrifically attacked by terrorists. The Bush/Cheney administration had received legitimate warnings, but Cheney chose to ignore them. And when given the opportunity to catch and prosecute those responsible for the tragic loss of thousands of people, he was nowhere to be found. When troops were sent to find and capture Osama bin Laden, a special Senate report this week verified the fact that bin Laden had been in our reach but he got away because the Bush administration took their eyes off the target and shifted the war to Iraq on a bogus claim about weapons of mass destruction.

We lost thousands of troops and billions of dollars based off this decision to attack Iraq by the Bush/Cheney administration. We also lost the respect and strong allied efforts and support of the rest of the world. Our global image was destroyed based on how Bush and Cheney played cowboys with our valuable troops’ lives and the resources of this nation. There were inhumane actions carried out by some of the officers under GOP Secretary Rumsfeld’s watch.

Then they operated in major secrecy and held illegal torturing. They created this horrible mess in Iraq and Afghanistan with captives who have yet to be tried in a legal system and they added to our mounting deficit. The prison at Guantanamo€ still represents an embarrassment to the US and will continue to do so until President Obama can have it shut down hopefully next year.

No one would associate the word weak with the President of the United States if Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz Cheney had not been traveling the media networks proclaiming it to the top of their voices. It is extremely sad and disrespectful when you have the former VP of the United States speaking out against the office of the Presidency as if he were talking about a common criminal.

The President has shown good faith, a steady hand, a good heart and thoughtful judgment in finding resolutions for all the enormous issues and disasters created by the GOP in the last eight years.

President Barack Obama is not a war hawk. He is a man of peace which is why he was selected to receive the Nobel Peace prize. His intentions have been to unite a world without nuclear weapons. It takes a stronger man to be about peace than war. He really cares about the troops.

He carries the weight of their journeys, their struggles, their deaths and injuries. He honors their service to our country. He feels for the stress and the impacts on their families. After all these years of the Bush/Cheney wars, the American people are taking their grief out on Obama because he is left with his back against the wall having to still protect this country with a horrible mess that he did not create. Bush and Cheney took their focus off those responsible for the horrific attack on 9/11 and created a bogus war in Iraq.

Without the troops necessary in Afghanistan the Taliban was able to reestablish themselves to be stronger and tougher with far more corruption than what existed in 2001. Now Barack Obama has to figure out how to keep us from being attacked again when he’s probably getting intelligence that he is unable to speak on. He continues to be blamed for the previous administration’s dirty deeds.

Let’s not forget that this time last year we were falling off the cliff as a nation, heading
for another great depression. But the fear mongering of the GOP along with constant support from the main stream media outlets has managed to convince the average American that the President created this nightmare and is unable to fix it. That is not the truth. That is fear mongering at its best.

The facts are that the GOP sells FEAR and misleading information. They claim to be worried about the deficit until we start talking about WAR. Then the stimulus
sounds pretty good from their perspective.

Sarah Palin is another so called Conservative who seriously manufactures FEAR and distorted information and peddles it to the American public. She’s using the airwaves to put the overused birther lie regarding the President back in the news. She knows it is not the truth, but she also knows that the truth is not relevant and does not matter in today’s news. Sarah knows that FEAR does matter and she is great at promoting it through the media while playing victim to the media.

In closing the FACT is that the stimulus has saved jobs. The Fact is that stimulus dollars are going to infrastructure projects. The Fact is employment numbers are getting better. The Fact is that the main stream media and the GOP have no interest in promoting facts. The FACT is the President needs our support. The Fact is that the GOP promotes FEAR to the point we are again a much divided country. The FACT is that the GOP is creating weakness in this great nation. And they are promoting that FACT to the WORLD!

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