Fox News Edits Video to Make Jon Stewart a Climate Change Denier

Dec 03 2009 Published by under Featured News

This morning FNC’s Fox and Friends used video of The Daily Show host Jon Stewart to imply that the Climategate emails have turned Stewart into a climate change denier. The problem is that they only showed the dig at Al Gore and left out the rest of the segment in which Stewart says that the emails aren’t very sensational.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

FNC’s Steve Doocy framed the video as, “Extraordinarily, take a look at this. Jon Stewart of The Daily Show, which has historically bashed Republicans and, you know, not bashed Democrats, really took a shot at Al Gore. Look at this. They then played Stewart’s joke about Al Gore.

Doocy then picked it up by saying, “It is pretty extraordinary that Jon Stewart would be taking a shot at Al Gore, who’s been on his program a couple of times. But at the same time, the mainstream media for the most part not covering this whole “climate-gate” thing. It just seems to be us and bloggers like you.”

If you listen to Fox News, Jon Stewart has been converted, but…

Here is the full segment:

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Fox News played, “Poor Al Gore, global warming completely debunked via the very internet you invented.” They left out the last part of what Stewart said which was, “Actually, the real story is not quite that sensational, basically, emails stolen from scientists at one of the leading centers for global warming show them discussing their work, um casually.”

The segment was not questioning global warming, but mocking the shoddy work of the scientists, but in the hands of the Fox News Magic Editing Button, Jon Stewart becomes a climate change denier. I can’t believe that FNC continues to do this. It is as if they think that no one is going to look at the complete segment.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad that they are misleading and fooling millions of viewers every day, with their AV Club quality editing. Jon Stewart is the latest victim of Fox News’ “fair and balanced” reporting of the news.

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