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Rush Limbaugh Hospitalized While Stalking Pelosi and Obama in Hawaii

Dec 30 2009 Published by under Featured News

Rush Limbaugh Rushed to Hospital For Chest Pains – Breaking

While vacationing in the foreign continent of Hawaii (where Cokie Roberts thinks real Americans don’t go for vacations and from whence our usurper’s phony birth certificate originates), Republican Party Leader and Conservative Talk Radio Host Rush Limbaugh was rushed to a Honolulu hospital Wednesday afternoon with chest pains. Rush has brought us such quips as, “Enraging liberals is simply one of the more enjoyable side effects of my wisdom.”

“Paramedics responded to the call at 2:41 p.m. at the Kahala Hotel and Resort.

Limbaugh suffered from chest pains, sources said. Paramedics treated him and took him to Queen’s Medical Center in serious condition.”

Aside from Rush’s prescription drug addiction and an inner ear disease which lead to deafness in one ear, he has enjoyed reasonable health, although he suffers from yo yo weight issues; most recently dropping more than 90 pounds.

One wonders if he was hoping to catch a glimpse of the President whilst on the golf course in Hawaii, or hoping to share a drink with Pelosi, both of whom are also in Hawaii during the Christmas holiday.

Or perhaps he had planned to be there with Sarah Palin, who supposedly had to cut her vacation short. I won’t wish for him to fail, even though according to Rush, that’s a perfectly OK thing to do. Lines must be drawn.

Since Limbaugh is filthy rich, he will get the best care possible, then likely return to his radio show and use himself as an example of why the United States does not need meaningful healthcare reform.

Is it a coincidence that Rush just happened to be in Hawaii at the same time as Obama and Pelosi? I’ll bet there are already some on the right who don’t think so. It is only a matter of time until the Democrats are blamed for Limbaugh’s chest pains. I am sure that Glenn Beck is working on special on this very subject as we speak.

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Republicans Express Shock That Obama is Acting Like He Won an Election

Dec 30 2009 Published by under Republican Party, White House

We can all agree that President Obama is a ditherin’ fool, who should be more like the Great One, George W. Bush.

Obama should have waited six days to answer questions about the foiled Christmas attack, because six is a magic number in the world of Gog. Instead, Hopey charged forward within 72 hours with a response. C’mon, Obama. The people have come to expect a certain somethin’ from their leaders and that ain’t it.

Obama should have been on vacation in Camp David and THEN gone to his ranch before answering questions, because that’s what patriots do. There’s something about a cowboy that just scares the terrorists, ya’ know? Heh. Obama should have given a press conference and been fawned over by a press who never even asked about the shoe bomber, because that’s how you do it. Duck and dodge, baby, that’s the name of the game!

“Four days after Richard Colvin Reid, 28, tried to set fire to his explosives-laden shoes on a trans-Atlantic flight, neither the White House nor other authorities had spoken officially on the alleged would-be suicide bombing,” AFP wrote on Dec. 27, 2001.

Geeze, President Obama – what’re you trying to do here? Obama is politicizing terrorism by actually addressing it, which he must know makes the Us Republicans look bad. Obama is really getting’ uppity, and the Democrats are joining him. They act like they won an election or something.

“This hypocrisy demonstrates Republicans are playing politics with issues of national security and terrorism,” DNC spokesman Hari Sevugan said. “That they would use this incident as an opportunity to fan partisan flames … tells you all you need to know about how far the Republican Party has fallen and how out of step with the American people they have become.”

What?! Outrage is OUR thing! How dare the Democrats try to co-opt it! Also, too, we are the party of keepin’ America safe! We are STRONG against terrorism, except when we don’t read intel and we get hit a few times. But heck, if you don’t count those times, we are totally the most patriotic of patriotic. Drill, baby, Drill! USA! Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran!

Good thing the press is still treating Democrats like the ugly stepchild, or we could have some real change on our hands. And god knows, things are just fine the way they are. The American people may have voted, but they didn’t mean it. We know what the American people want; better than they do…and we’ll tell you what it is. All you need to do is put us on every TV channel and let us explain to you how Obama is bad for the country. Sheesh. How hard is it?

Rep Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), who’s busy campaignin’ for governor of Michigan, has really done us proud by parading himself to every media outlet known to man and reminding them all that he is SO disappointed that it took Obama 72 hours to respond and plus, too, this delay shows that Obama is “weak on terror”!

Yes, ratchet it up, Petey! You know how the Fox viewers love them their terror fests (see Petey talk about the “Christmas Day Terror Attack!” on Fox here: Oh, the shiver of pleasure we repressed family values peeps get when we can feed the fear gnawing away at our constituents. It was super clever of Petey to use this foiled terror attack (oops, we don’t call it “foiled” ‘cuz that implies strength and general well being) to raise money for his campaign, threatening his poor economically devastated constituents with the “fact” that if they leave the Dems in charge, they’ll probably get hit by a terrorist.Please donate now if you wanna live.

Nothing like a country divided against the terrorists to really say “Country First”.

Also, when Bush single handedly took on that shoe bomber, he was a hero! Mission Accomplished, Brownie! Ehhhhh? Ehhh? Hopey is a weakling because he admitted that there were problems with intelligence and the TSA, and we all know, you never let ‘em catch ya’ with your pants down. Er…

Heck, Petey is one of the few who spoke up immediately, before the facts were in and also, too, talkin’ about confidential info to the general public, thereby endangering our safety – but heck, if the guy had a cowboy hat, he’d really be presidential material!

Extra points for Petey sayin’ it’s “fair” to blame the Obama administration for the foiled attack, even though he didn’t know why. It’s more important to point yer finger, as Petey knows, than to address problems.

It was most unseemly that some in the press asked Us about the difference in our criticism of Obama versus how Bush reacted. Bush was actin’ on Gog’s behalf. DOH! You do not question the Gog! Plus, Gog hates liberals and black people. He just does. Haven’t you seen baby Jesus? Hello. He’s white! And I think that says about all that needs to be said on this subject.

We need to take this country back to the slave owners who knew what it meant to be an American!

How dare liberals and Democrats push back on Us. We are still in charge, whether the people voted for us or not. We used the Supreme Court to get our last guy in and we can do it again.

Obama needs to start being more like Bush. This actual governing thing has got to stop. Next thing you know, he’s going to address the people’s needs like with healthcare, and they we’ll never get back into office!

Terrorism is a Republican thing! We know all about it. We know how to use it, package and sell it, so ya’ll think about that when you go to the votin’ booth this next year.

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While Debating Terrorism on CNN Ron Paul Smacks Around Ben Stein

Dec 29 2009 Published by under Featured News

Somebody at CNN’s Larry King Live thought that it would be a great idea to put Ben Stein and Rep. Ron Paul on the same panel to discuss terrorism, and what occurred was a microcosm of the current GOP civil war, with Paul absolutely schooling Stein on how neo-con policies help to create terrorists.

Here is the video courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

After Rep. Paul once again explained how the Bush administration fell into Bin Laden’s trap the following exchange took place:

STEIN: Well, that’s — I have never heard anything quite like that in my whole life. What he’s saying, basically, is we are doing something wrong by defending ourselves. Look, if these terrorists are trying to kill the government of Yemen, we’ve got to help defend them. They’re our friends. We can’t just let al Qaeda run wild. If we try to stop them —

PAUL: Why?

STEIN: Why should we stop them? Because they are terrorists and murderers and they’re very anti-American.

PAUL: Why are they terrorists?

STEIN: Surely congressman —

PAUL: Why are they terrorists?

STEIN: They’re terrorists and murders because they are psychos.

Ron Paul asked Ben Stein an intelligent question, and was given the answer that we should terrorists are bad because they are psychos. Ben Stein is supposedly an intelligent man, but his answer would have been more fitting for an 8 year old than an intelligent conservative.

The person that I really felt bad for in all this was Democratic congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee who could not get a word in between Stein and Paul. Even the usually out of it Larry King noticed that he was seeing something special here, “Look at this, folks. Two republicans going at it. This is fascinating. With a democratic liberal in the middle.”

This segment said a great deal about the state of the Republican Party. The man who was trying to engage in an intelligent discussion about an issue was met with the simplistic because they are psychos response. The intelligent people like Rep. Paul are a distant minority as the GOP has been hijacked by simpletons, who have even managed to convince Ben Stein to join the parade.

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Will Republican Sen DeMint Apologize For Endangering U.S. Air Safety?

Dec 29 2009 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party, U.S. Senate

Republican Jim DeMint Continues to Endanger American Air Safety by Refusing to Confirm TSA Administrator

Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) has been busy doing what Republicans do when they’re not filibustering legislation these days; he’s been blocking Obama’s appointment of the TSA administrator, Errol Southers, who is a well-regarded counter-terrorism expert.

“Marshall McClain, the president of the Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association, said that the Senate should have acted sooner to confirm Southers.

“Friday’s terrorist attack on U.S. aviation makes it all the more imperative that there be no further delays in filling this crucial position,” he said.”

DeMint claims he his concern over whether or not the TSA workers will join a union justifies his putting America at risk by leaving the TSA administrator appointment open.

“(Harry) Reid spokesman Jim Manley said Monday that the majority leader is working with the White House to get Southers confirmed “as quickly as possible” and charged that “Republican obstructionism has prevented TSA from having the leadership in place that the organization deserves.”’

DeMint’s obstructionism has forced Reid to file a cloture motion as soon as the Senate reconvenes the week of Jan. 19. in order to overcome the Republican’s “cheap political points”.

After the foiled Christmas attack on an international Detroit-bound Delta flight, Republicans quickly took to TV land, gleefully denouncing Obama weak on terror. They ratcheted up Americans’ fears by pouncing on their catnip terror fest with blatant disregard for this country’s welfare, never once mentioning in all of their criticisms about the alleged TSA failure to check Watch Lists that they were holding up a key appointment in the TSA.

Joe Lieberman (I-CT) did his Joe & John cable show bit (will someone please give these two “mavericks” a show of their own finally so we know what NOT to watch?); Joe’s traitor dance consisted of “questioning” why passengers flying into US weren’t checked against broader terror data base as well bringing up the failure to use whole body scanning technology.

Maybe ‘cuz, um, we need someone to coordinate that, Joe. Eh? Ennnh?

‘Course, we’re still waiting for Johnny to tell us where Bin Laden is. Remember, he promised to tell us if he got elected?

Joe, John and especially Jim are really putting it to Americans right now. Yes, boys, America really does need a person in charge of the TSA. That person will coordinate important things like terror watch lists. See? No, they won’t be like your FEMA director, because Obama actually appointed a counter-terrorist expert instead of merely a loyal friend, capiche?

Republicans address a problem through organization and logic? Naw, they would rather continue playing a reckless game of chicken wherein they attempt to destroy the Obama presidency by creating a huge void in so many appointments that Obama’s administration can’t function well.

Do they care that lives are at risk? When has that stopped them before? Would Jim have apologized for holding up the TSA appointment if the attempt had been successful?

I’m sure he would have made the same Apology Tour that Bush did after Bush spent the entire first year of his presidency ignoring the chief counter-terrorism adviser on the U.S. National Security Council, Richard Clarke (aka, counter-terrorism Czar – yes, Glenn, a Bush “Czar”!), whose intel warned of an imminent attack on the US by Al-Qaeda.

Clarke, who served in the same capacity under Clinton, tried desperately to get a meeting with Bush, but he was denied access to the cabinet after Bush took office after Condoleezza Rice made a decision in early 2001 that his position of National Coordinator for Counterterrorism should be downgraded. From that point on, all of Clarke’s desperate pleas for a meeting regarding Al-Qaeda and the Taliban were bounced back to him.

See, Republicans just don’t like government. That’s why they do it so badly.

And now they want to set Obama up to be just as bad at it as they are, only they know they can’t rely upon him to ignore intel and fail to coordinate team members, so they have to keep him from having nominees confirmed in order to produce results that they can crow about on cable.

Jim DeMint should be ashamed that he put politics over Americans’ safety. And not just Americans’ safety; there were people from all over the world on that flight. When will Republicans realize that we had an election in 2008 and we do not CARE what they think about unions in the TSA? We wanted a functioning government and to that order, we roundly voted them out of the majority! A desperate mandate for Democratic approach to government occurred on Nov 4.

“Even Republicans who oppose the nomination believe Southers would be confirmed, and sources tell TPMDC he is highly qualified on counterterrorism issues and would have been useful had he been in place before the Christmas terror attempt.”

The public should demand that DeMint and all Republicans stop playing politics with our lives. Had Democrats refused to confirm a National Security Nominee under Bush, the media would have crucified them.

As it is, we’re left with the Joe and John show, with occasional dabbles of “dithering” Dick. Even elections can’t get these clowns to move out of the way of the real work that needs to take place.

Will Sen DeMint Apologize For Endangering U.S. Air Safety? We’re waiting.


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2009: The Year of Right Wing Jihad against President Barack Obama

Dec 28 2009 Published by under Featured News

2009 began with the inauguration of our new and first African American President, Barack Obama, and became the year that GOP and the Extreme Right Wing of the party became energized and very proactive in its goal to be destructive to our new President and his administration and policies by any means necessary.

Obama’s election was electric, exciting, historic and emotional. The whole world was watching and a new wave of enthusiasm erupted from the young and the old. After a dismal, secretive, greed driven and war torn 8 years, a new sense of HOPE had emerged. There was a new spirit that we could once again believe in and the America that we all loved and were proud to be a part of could once again exist.

After massive support of Barack Obama, a new world order began. We put the weight and troubles of the world on one man and his vision and then waited for him to resolve it all. What I want to know is what happened to all that energy, drive and support that elected our fresh new and intelligent President? Why did we think that he could handle it alone? Where was our role and responsibility in the new administration and the CHANGE we were expecting and counting on?

Something else began during this same time period except it had the total opposite impact. Those who had suffered the strong and bitter loss began a new campaign as well with full participation of its membership. The GOP and the Extreme Right Wing of the party became energized and very proactive in its goal to be destructive to our new President and his administration and policies by any means necessary.

The poison spread rapidly. It began with the announcement of Sarah Palin as the running mate for John Mc Cain. She ignited the right wing with wild and extremely wild accusations against then Senator Barack Obama. Fact checking was a vague after thought by the media who once followed Obama. They now had a new media sensation that they found to be far more
exciting and facts and intelligence was not a requirement. The seeds were planted and the main stream media outlets joined forces with the Republican Party and the people who had successfully elect President Barack Obama took a back seat and silently watched the drama play out.

President Barack Obama began his bi-partisan approach to establishing his administration and policies for the country. After the Bush/Cheney administration took the country to the brink of disaster economically, Obama discovered the country was in much worse shape than he had been led to believe before taking office.

As the war in Iraq was winding down, the war in Afghanistan had been left in turmoil. Many of the secrets of the Bush administration had begun to unravel. The neglect in Afghanistan had turned into massive corruption and a Taliban that was much stronger and more established. Troops were barely supported. The surge had reduced the violence in Iraq but violence had increased elsewhere.

The status of the economy had taken priority front and center. It required a bold and massive stimulus to even begin to simply prevent the US from falling off the cliff into the deep depression that the Bush administration had created and walked quietly away from. With the support of main stream media, the GOP began their assault and to this day, they have not let up. They made wild accusations based off seriously misleading information. FOX cable news took the leadership role with the attacks by Glenn Beck, Hannity and others.

Every member of the GOP who wanted to speak out received major air time. Facts were not required. And then Rush Limbaugh, Palin and newly elected GOP leader Steele began their attacks. Back in the days of real journalism versus sensationalism, this would not have happened without verifiable facts to support the claims.

Next out of the dark dangerous world of GOP politics emerges the highly secretive and power hungry former VP Dick Cheney. He has appeared on camera more in the last year speaking out against President Barack Obama then all eight years combined under the Bush administration.

His whole motive was to destroy the image and character of the new President and save his own legacy by implying weakness and trying to change the facts that it was he and the Bush administration who had hurt the country the most through the destruction of the economy and falsely leading America into war with Iraq including illegal torture that is yet to be proven beneficial as he has claimed. His chief of staff was convicted of leaking and endangering the identity of a CIA agent. It was the first time that a conviction had gotten than close to the
office of the Presidency.

In the meantime throughout the course of 2009, President Barack Obama was working hard to resolve the disastrous economy, two wars, a pandemic, joblessness climbing at
a rate the country had not seen in several years, a housing crisis, healthcare reform that was bankrupting and denying millions of Americans coverage and claims and more.

Obama has worked on improving the image of America worldwide. His message is one of peace during wartime. He has managed to move healthcare reform further than any previous President who has tried. He was successfully able to get an intelligent and highly qualified Latina female appointed as a Supreme Court justice and lots more. The GOP has fought him every step of the way on everything.

During this first year of office, where was the support of the media for the President of the US? Where was the left wing? All of the progressives speaking out against Obama now, where were you all year during the attacks and negative drive of the right? In August during those ridiculous town hall meetings that had nothing to do with healthcare other than the confused citizens screaming that they did not want the government running their Medicare!!! If the left and the right are screaming at Barack Obama, maybe it means he is doing something for the majority. Stop your complaining for a minute and take a serious look at the progress and the prevention of disaster.

President Barack Obama has been pragmatic and he is working for the long haul and for the people. If you really examine this time period in our history, this is a period of major transformation. Any leader during this time will have to endure pressure from all directions because he must lead and navigate through the chaos and turmoil that the real CHANGE will cause before the benefit is actualized.

Major structures such as government bodies, corporations, institutions, etc. will have to change because it is time. I wonder how it would be if the President really had the support of those who elected him. Let’s give him time to do the extremely difficult task that he has taken on and that we have given him.

This mess was not created in a year and it is going to take more than a year to alter. These are extremely difficult times, but it could have been much worse if it were not for President Barack Obama. Let’s work with him and not against him. We have to fight the Extremists who represent destruction. It is time to be co creators in the change that is necessary.

There are not many real journalists left to report the news. The cable news giants have bought into the GOP sensationalism. Ask yourselves what you can do to require the mainstream media outlets to report the truth and shy away from the misleading and unsubstantiated claims of the GOP in the New Year? The President needs our support. Everything is at stake.

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Republicans Continue to Rewrite History by Claiming that Bush Inherited 9/11

Dec 27 2009 Published by under Featured News

The failed attempt at a terrorist attack in Detroit over the weekend has caused Republicans to revive their claims that Democrats are weak on national security. On CNN’s State of the Union today Mary Matalin claimed that George W. Bush inherited 9/11 from Bill Clinton, even though 9/11 happened 8 months after Bush took office.

Here is the video courtesy of Think Progress:

Matalin said, “I was there, we inherited a recession from President Clinton and we inherited the most tragic attack on our own soil in our nation’s history. And President Bush dealt with it and within a year of his presidency within a comparable time, unemployment was at 5 percent.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that has former member of the Bush/Cheney team has distorted the 9/11 timeline. Last month former Bush press secretary Dana Perino claimed that the U.S. did not suffer a terrorist attack during the Bush presidency.

Here is the video of Perino’s November 24 appearance on FNC’s Hannity:

Perino said, “They want to do all of their investigations. I don’t know. All of the thinking that goes into it. But we did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush’s term. I hope they’re not looking at this politically. I do think we ought it to the American people to call it what it is.”

Of course this absurd because George W. Bush took office in January of 2001, and the 9/11 attacks occurred on September 11, 2001, months after George W. Bush took office. Anyone who knows how to use a calendar understands that September comes after January.

The motivation for both Matalin and Perino to tell such obvious lies is simple. They are trying to reclaim the post 9/11 “glory days” of the Republican Party. The objective is to convince the American people that only Republicans can keep them safe, and when a historical fact like the date of 9/11 challenges their claims, then they rewrite history to blame Bill Clinton for 9/11.

The Republicans are still treating the American people like they are complete idiots. Everyone knows that Bush was president during 9/11. Their pathetic attempt to change the facts should be an insult to every American. This latest great lie of the right is a shallow attempt to revive the politics of fear that carried the GOP to victory in 2002 and 2004.

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Gingrich: All GOP 2010 Candidates will Pledge to Repeal Healthcare Bill

Dec 27 2009 Published by under Featured News

Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was on NBC’s Meet The Press today, and he gave the strongest indication yet that the GOP strategy for 2010 and 2012 is to run against the healthcare bill. He said, “I suspect every Republican running in ’10 and again in ’12 will run on an absolute pledge to repeal this bill.”

Here is the video:

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Gingrich said, “Well, you’ve got $513 billion in tax increases, $470 billion in Medicare cuts. You have a scale of, I think, bribery in the Senate we have not seen in our lifetime, with various senators getting all sorts of special deals in a way that I think the public is just appalled by. I suspect every Republican running in ’10 and again in ’12 will run on an absolute pledge to repeal this bill. The bill–most of the bill does not go into effect until ’13 or ’14, except on the tax increase side; and therefore, I think there won’t be any great constituency for it. And I think it’ll be a major campaign theme. This is a bad bill, written in a horrible way, and the most, the most corrupt legislation I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

Newt Gingrich is considered one of the great thinkers in the current GOP, and if his thoughts on the subject are any indication of how Republican candidates are going to approach 2010 then the Democrats should be very happy. It would be a huge mistake for the GOP to instruct all of their candidates to pledge to repeal the healthcare bill, because in large segments of the country, the bill is popular.

Plus, Republican candidates in 2010 should be running on the economy, not healthcare. The economy is the number one issue, and if Republicans ignore it again, and instead run on taxes, the Democrats will do pretty well in both 2010 and 2012. Gingrich still thinks that it is 1994, and his Contract With America campaign style will work. It won’t.

The easiest way for Republicans to motivate Democrats to go to the polls in 2010 would be to make healthcare the centerpiece of the campaign. It isn’t good politics to be viewed as opposed to an expansion of healthcare for 31 million people, and the Democrats could benefit from their shortsightedness is 2010.

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Victory for Democrats and America: HEALTHCARE IS PASSED IN THE SENATE

Dec 24 2009 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party, U.S. Senate


Yes, Dorothy. We really did it. While the majority have fallen into a defensive posture regarding this bill, I am full of joy and pride this morning. Having set my mind to a few big goals in my own life, I know that I never got there in one step. But that each step I took in the right direction landed me where I wanted to go eventually.

The hardest thing is the first step.

We have done it. We corralled a dispirited Democratic caucus, fought a rabid right wing media machine, overcame our own ennui, to arrive here. At the beginning of a great moment in American history. Landmark moment.

We will all be able to tell our grandkids that we were a part of this. And they won’t understand how this great country could have ever let her people suffer and die due to lack of healthcare.

Yes, we will get there. Liberals could learn how to feel good and celebrate something this huge. Seriously. And you know I love you all. This isn’t winning an election! This is much harder than that. True reform of this magnitude is almost impossible. And yet, we are doing it.

I concur with David Shuster, who shared his “best moment” of HCR Senate vote:

“Parliamentarian: “Senator Byrd?”

Byrd: (shouting): “This is for my friend Ted Kennedy. Aye.”

You go, Senator Byrd! Senator Byrd brought dignity and hope to the senate floor, in stark contrast to the Republicans who had ordered their Teapublicans to pray the country wide for Byrd to die before the vote. Yes, Republicans, he is STILL alive, even though you prayed for him to die. He is alive, he voted, and he honored his friend Teddy. What have you people done lately for the country?


Your shame, Republicans, at this moment in history, is boundless. There are not words.

Thank you, Democrats, President Obama, and all of the active citizens whose vocal support of healthcare allowed this to happen, for taking the giant leap forward in this — our first step toward healthcare for all Americans. We have a long road ahead of us, but we will get there. The Civil Rights Act was just the beginning; child labor laws, fair housing laws, and women’s rights all were tweaked over time and continue to be amended.

As Howard Dean explained on Rachel Maddow, this imperfect bill can be amended.

“”If this bill passes, does it actually provide an appropriate foundation for a public option to be introduced as a separate matter?” Maddow asked.

“Actually, it does,” Dean replied. “Once you’ve got the exchanges set up … you could modify this at a later date.””

In order to get anywhere, you have to start somewhere. And boy, are we starting this one. I can smell the flop sweat of Republicans from my kitchen window and I likey.

May the country punish Republicans by energizing themselves to get out the vote in 2010. May we see Republicans punished at the ballot box for doing every single thing in their power to destroy this opportunity, up to and including praying for the death of Democratic senators and our President. If I can be allowed, a hearty #^@% (&@ to our Republican neocon nationalists. Please, take your self-righteous, hypocritical christo-nazi Fascist, cold-blooded dead fish and kindly shove it.

As Howard Dean said, “If the Republicans hate it, there must be some good in it.” You betcha, Howie. You betcha.

,You know you’re doing something right when the current Republican party hates you.

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Teabagger Worried that His Prayers for Senator Bryd to Die May Have Backfired

Dec 23 2009 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party, U.S. Senate

Teabagger Worried that His Prayers for Senator Byrd to Die May Have Backfired

Oh, what a tangled web imprecatory prayer against one’s political opponents weaves! The Republican party has taken to imprecatory prayer (a province of the book of Psalms, wherein a number of the psalms pray evil and destruction upon the psalmist’s enemies) as their final weapon of mass destruction against the Democratic majority and Christian centrist President.

Republicans have been openly praying for Obama to die for several months, even selling “Pray for Obama; Psalm 109″ (imprecatory prayer) bumper stickers.

A Waycross, Georgia Teabagger called C-Span yesterday morning, very concerned that the prayers Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) urged all Teabaggers to make that a member of the Democratic caucus would die and/or not show up for the vote may have backfired, as he noticed that Senator Inhofe (R) was missing from the vote.

Here is the video from Think Progress:

“CALLER: Yeah doctor. Our small tea bag group here in Waycross, we got our vigil together and took Dr. Coburn’s instructions and prayed real hard that Sen. Byrd would either die or couldn’t show up at the vote the other night.

How hard did you pray because I see one of our members was missing this morning. Did it backfire on us? One of our members died? How hard did you pray senator? Did you pray hard enough?

While Barrasso didn’t answer the question directly, he said he didn’t know why Inhofe missed the vote. Both Coburn and Inhofe’s offices did not respond to inquiries from ThinkProgress for comment.”

Hearing this poor, misguided fellow sobbing as he considers that his powerful prayers may have indeed killed the wrong man, one can’t help but wonder what in the heck the Republicans are thinking. This constitutes irresponsible leadership, at the very least.

This particular prayer was aimed at Senator Bryd, a 92 year old Democratic senator whom Republicans had hoped would die before the vote. So that they could win. A political victory.

Senator Inhofe is fine; he missed the vote because he had to fly his wife home or maybe he had to warn some more people about the global warming hoax.

Some worry that the Republicans are leading their flock astray as they urge them to pray for the death of various Democrats, but Prayer Warriors assure anyone concerned that these prayers don’t really work:

One wonders why Republicans lead their followers in mass prayer for the death of another human being, then. Especially over political differences, which dances way too close to Islamic Extremism for comfort in my humble opinion.

The Republicans have been taken over by the Dominionist Nationalists, and these ugly prayers are just a symptom of the much larger problem; the Republican war on separation of church and state.

What place does imprecatory prayer have in our political discourse? What place does it have in a debate on healthcare reform? Why would any political party urge their members to pray for the death of another human being? This is the party running on “pro-life” values.

Truly one of the most shameful moments in Republicans’ history.

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Unlawfully Armed Republican Arrested Near Obama Speech was Bush Employee

Dec 23 2009 Published by under Featured News

Unlawfully Armed Republican Arrested Near Obama Speech was Bush Employee

Joshua Bowman, a Republican who worked for the executive office of Bush Administration on tech issues, was arrested last September with two guns and hundreds of rounds of ammo near the Capitol during an Obama speech. Though his arrest was widely reported, his connection to the Bush administration was not reported at that time and has just come to light this morning, courtesy of Mother Jones.

A pause here, as we digest the fact that the media failed to report this salient point. Had the shoe been on the other foot, the Republican poutrage party would be patrolling cable TV for the next several years, warning of “crazy liberal radicals, threatening the President”.

Last September, Bowman was stopped as he attempted to park near the Capitol without a permit, which lead to Capitol Police searching his car. Police found a Beretta 12 gauge automatic, a .22 caliber long rifle and over 400 rounds of ammo in the trunk. The guns were not loaded. He was eventually charged with two counts of unregistered firearms and unlawful possession of ammunition.

In what can only be described as further evidence of the over-arching sense of Republican entitlement, Braun, a friend of Bowman’s, suggested that “Bowman was only caught with the guns because he was used to having a White House security pass and expected to be able to park near the Capitol. He probably wouldn’t have been stopped and searched by Capitol Police if he had still had the pass.”

So, it was OK to drive around with unregistered, unlawful firearms when he had a security pass, because no one would have checked his car. The old “if they don’t catch us, it’s cool!” defense. The defense of a spoiled child.

Braun continued his defense of Bowman, “They were making him sound like a terrorist,” Braun said. “Does [Bowman] look like a terrorist? He has the élan to walk around with a bowtie…. He worked for a Republican administration and he was pretty much the last person in the Democratic administration. It’s not that he thought the new administration was right or wrong.”

Oh, so his bow-tie should exonerate him? If the bow-tie fits, we have to acquit?

Supposedly Bowman didn’t have an opinion on the Obama administration when he attempted to park near the Capitol with unlawful weapons? He didn’t think the new administration was “Right or wrong”, but he did sport a bumper sticker reading:

“I’ll keep my guns, freedom, and money…. you keep the change.”

Riiiight. And y’all found WMD, too. I know. I know.

Secret Service didn’t think Bowman was intending any harm to the President, mostly because they knew him from his years on the Bush White House (Yes..I know – this should be a red flag, not a pass).

Bowman had apparently been “duck hunting” the previous weekend and forgotten to unload his trunk. That happens to me all of the time, but I usually carry a few M16’s just in case an animal has the gall to outrun me. So, yeah, I totally get how this kind of victimization and political targeting keeps happening to Republicans. Forget that it’s illegal to carry unregistered guns in the District of Columbia. This guy needed to kill some ducks! What do you people not get? He has a Bush pass! C’mon!

Perhaps Bowman was one of the people responsible for Bush’s emails, which are still being “recovered” from their hiding place, and he just felt the need to arm himself from “change”; i.e., being busted for the hidden emails. As Fox News would say, can he prove he wasn’t intending harm in order to save himself from the repercussions? Oh, no, I am so kidding about that. Billo, relax! If Glenn were here, we’d have this guy drawn, quartered and hung already and we wouldn’t even need to have this discussion. Guilty until proven innocent!

Just imagine if you will the following scenario:

A previous Clinton administration employee attempts to park with a trunk full of illegal weapons and ammo next to Bush’s White House, in a car with a bumper sticker reading “I’ll keep my guns and my freedom, you keep your Illegal War!”

And then imagine imaginary Clinton employee acts all persecuted when stopped by police, insisting: “I don’t have an opinion on the Bush administration good or bad. After all, I’m wearing a bow-tie!”

Tell me that wouldn’t be on the news for the next ten years. Republicans would all be wearing bow-ties to mock the loser Dem who tried to use such a foolish excuse to get out of a federal crime, and shortly thereafter, they would be calling for impeachment just because some Dem had “palled around” with the guy.

“They’re treating him like some kind of terrorists…” Right. Aren’t y’all the same folks who arrested unarmed people who wore anti-Bush t-shirts near W, because they seemed like they might be dangerous?

Republicans: Party of the veiled threats and simmering rage, always ready to dissemble; Orwellian speech at the ready.

If the Secret Service doesn’t think this guy intended harm, then they did the right thing. I’m not second guessing their decision.

But FYI, Republicans, profiling would include NOT arresting someone who is carrying illegal weapons just because he “doesn’t look like a terrorist” (i.e., he’s wearing a bow-tie). We know how concerned y’all are for our safety, so we’ll thank you to leave this sorry sort of reasoning at home now that you’ve been elected out of office.

And profiling would justify arresting a far right radical who’s illegally armed and has a bumper sticker nattering on about his guns and freedom. At least, according to the DHS. And we all know how y’all don’t like to be PC, so we’re sure you can understand our concern here as we profile your bow-tied friend, Bowman.

Yup. Put a bow-tie on a guy and he can carry all of the illegal weapons he wants and drive them right up to the Capitol. Shhhh….don’t tell the “real” terrorists!

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