On Fox News Ben Stein Calls Healthcare and Climate Change Hoaxes

Nov 29 2009 Published by under Featured News

Ben Stein went on Fox News recently to rail against the supposed socialism of the Obama administration. Stein claimed that the healthcare crisis and climate changes are hoaxes carried out by the Obama administration in order to allow the country to be turned into a socialist paradise.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Stein was about if he thought the Obama administration was going grant a tax holiday, and he went off, “No, I don’t. This administration is about social control. It is about taking control from the individual and giving it to the state. That’s what the hoax about climate is about. That’s what the hoax about healthcare is about. That’s what the hoax about everything they are doing is about. That’s what the hoax about America is a bad country, and we are going to fix it and make it into a great socialist paradise. That’s what that’s all about. This administration is about a hoax that America is not a great country.”

In one statement, Stein confirmed that he is not a smart as people have always given him credit for. In one rant, he showed himself to be a fool who believes the nonsense about socialism being a threat to America, while also denying the healthcare and climate change problems. Does Stein realize what an out of touch fool he sounded like?

Stein represents views of many on the right. Instead of proposing solutions to our problems, people like Ben Stein bury their heads in the sand and pretend like they don’t exist. Of course for someone as wealthy as Stein there is no healthcare crisis, but for the people who can get insurance, or are battling rising costs, the healthcare crisis is not a hoax.

Republicans have been on an electoral losing streak because they would rather scream about socialism than provide any alternatives to Democratic proposals. Stein’s raving may appeal to the right wing, but to the rest of the political landscape his view point looks woefully out of step.

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