Palin Campaign Adviser Claims Sarah Made Up Parts of Her Book

Nov 16 2009 Published by under Republican Party

During a report on the NBC Nightly News, Andrea Mitchell dropped an interesting little nugget about Sarah Palin’s new book. According to her adviser, Nicolle Wallace, Sarah Palin never took notes on their conversations, or called her to fact check anything. Wallace called the conversations in the book fabrications.

Here is the video:

Mitchell quotes Wallace as saying, “Campaign aide Nicolle Wallace tells NBC News, ‘I never saw her take a single note, and she never contacted me for any fact checking.’ Wallace says all the conversations in the book are just fabricated.”

Would anyone really be surprised if Sarah Palin made up the conversations in her book? If have learned anything about Palin over the past year, it is that she is intellectually lazy. She was a vice presidential candidate who didn’t want to study for the debates, and she has never seemed overly concerned about understanding the issues.

It is a little hard to believe that the conversations are accurate when Palin didn’t take notes. Even without notes all she, or her ghostwriter, had to do was contact people like Wallace and do a little fact checking, but when has Palin ever been about facts? Nicolle Wallace wasn’t just some McCain staffer. She was a senior adviser to McCain, who became Palin’s senior adviser when she joined the campaign.

It is only a matter of time until we find out that the picture that Palin’s ghostwriter paints in the book is not an accurate one. Everyone expects Palin’s own book to contain her perception of the events that surrounded the 2008 campaign, but she should at least get the conversations correct, but this book isn’t about accuracy. It is about making Sarah Palin rich, and keeping her in the public eye.

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