Chuck Norris Goes Full Right Wing Nut Job on the Healthcare Bill

Nov 11 2009 Published by under Featured News

On FNC’s Your World with Neil Cavuto, Chuck Norris launched into a doozy of a conspiracy theory about healthcare reform. Norris said, “If this thing passes the government will have the right to come into our home, and regulate how we raise our children.” To his credit, host Neil Cavuto wasn’t buying any of Walker: Texas Nutjob’s theories.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

While talking about healthcare reform Norris said, “The thing is the government wants to take care of us. The thing is we want to take care of ourselves, that what builds up our character. That’s working hard. I’ve worked hard all my life to achieve what I have achieved, but God has blessed me in many ways because of that, but the thing that worries me most is this healthcare bill, and why I’m scared about it. It’s not about the healthcare. It’s about the provisions that are in that bill. One is that if this thing passes, the government will have the right to come in our home and regulate how we raise our children.”

After Cavuto said that he didn’t believe it, Norris said, “It is it’s in the bill….It is. It is. I had my legal team go through the whole bill with me because I couldn’t understand it…They keep changing this from one area of the bill to another. The thing is I don’t want them coming in to my home.”

We are supposed to believe that Chuck Norris, who admitted that he doesn’t understand the bill, found something in it that both political parties and the entire media missed. Uh-huh. I understand that Chuck Norris is a celebrity conservative, but Fox News might want to think twice before they put him on the air again because he is out of his freaking mind.

The real tell-tale sign that Norris is making this up is that he could not point to the specific area of the bill that contains the provision that he was speaking about. The reason why he can’t find it isn’t because the Democrats keep moving it, but because it doesn’t really exist. Chuck Norris needs to stick to making infomercials for exercise equipment.

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