Glenn Beck Tells His Listeners to Abandon the GOP

Nov 11 2009 Published by under Featured News

Glenn Beck returned to his radio show today, and he moved beyond his usual calls for revolution. Beck has now deemed the Republican Party a lost cause that can’t be changed, and he predicted that in one year from now there will be a third party. He said, “I think the best way to get the Republicans to change is to abandon them.”

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Beck said, “I’m telling you once this thing starts to crack from the inside. I will tell you this Claire, I had a friend that most of our audience is very well aware of, and be a fan of call me up and said, Glenn you’re going to hurt the party, and I said I don’t really care about the party. Yes, I don’t either, but this is the only way, you are never going to be able to, and I said listen to me now, you don’t know what I know. In one year from now there will either be another party, or one or both of these parties will understand, holy cow, I’ve got to clean up the mess because they’re not going to vote for me.”

He told his listeners to abandon the GOP, “I think the best way to get the Republicans to change is to abandon them, leave, and let them know you’re serious. It’s the same theory we have with the oil prices. Every time we get serious all of the sudden Saudi Arabia drops the price of oil. Well a year from now you’re going to be in the driver’s seat. Right now, the extremists are in the driver’s seat. The parties are in the driver’s seat.”

For good measure Beck through in a little fear, “Mark my words, one year from today you will be in the driver’s seat, barring any event, barring any emergency. If that happens well we all might be in reeducation camps, but you will be in the driver’s seat, and then you next year will decide do I really trust the Republicans or the Democrats that they’re serious now?” Beck also called for Republicans and Democrats to purify their parties of corruption.

This seals it for me. Glenn Beck’s ego has gotten so big that he is now trying to destroy the Republican Party in order to create a new third party. Even though Beck talked about both parties, it is clear that his intended audience was Republicans. If Beck is successful, he could splinter conservatives and fracture the GOP. The right wing’s quest for purity is only going to strengthen the Democratic Party for years to come.

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