Jon Stewart Unveils His Conspiracy Theory about Glenn Beck’s Appendicitis

Nov 06 2009 Published by under Featured News

Last night on The Daily Show Jon Stewart delivered the perfect spoof of Glenn Beck and his Fox News program. Calling himself a concerned American citizen about what’s going on inside Glenn Beck, Stewart then broke out a chalkboard and revealed a conspiracy theory about how Beck’s own internal organs have turned against him. Check out the video.

Here is the video:

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Standing at a chalkboard Stewart said, “Take a look if you will at what your appendix is connected to. I mean, it’s all there. Your appendix is connected to your large intestine which is connected to your small intestine which is something that Karl Marx had. That doesn’t seem suspicious? Because what is the small intestine connected to people? Oh, I don’t know, the stomach, which is where acorns would go if you ate them. Acorns, where have we heard that name before, and after the intestines sucked the nutrients from the acorn, it would go into the colon, which goes to the rectum, which goes to the anus, which is the site of the hemorrhoids that nearly killed Glenn Beck. It’s all connections.”

Stewart continued, “This man, this good hard working television personality is under siege, not from without from within. His own organs have turned against him, or should I say have been turned against him. The naysayers will say, oh Jon organs don’t have thoughts they can’t hatch a plan and get together and execute that plan. Oh really, really? They can’t organ-ize?”

This is easily the best parody of Glenn Beck that has been done. Stewart covers everything. Beck’s speech, mannerisms, paranoia, nothing is left out. Stewart also threw in some crying. Stewart even had a spoof of Beck’s 9/12 Project. This is one of the funniest things that The Daily Show has done in a long, long time. It is a nice way to wrap up your week, and bring a smile to your Friday afternoon.

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