From His Hospital Bed Glenn Beck Takes a Shot at Michael Moore

Nov 05 2009 Published by under Featured News

Many viewers and listeners probably noticed that Glenn Beck was absent for much of his radio and his Fox News television program yesterday. It turns out that Beck suffered an appendicitis attack, and is recovering from surgery. This didn’t stop Beck from taking a shot a Michael Moore via his Twitter page.

Beck website claimed that liberal bloggers were hoping for Beck’s death, “After being in pain most of the night, Glenn ended up leaving the radio program early yesterday to see a doctor. Turned out the pain was appendicitis and Glenn underwent surgery. Everything went well and he is now in recovery and doing fine. Glenn and his wife Tania are so thankful for all the kind words, prayers and support from everyone. Well, almost everyone. Those compassionate loving liberal bloggers were bummed things didn’t end differently for Glenn.”

Even in the hospital, Beck took a shot a Michael Moore via Twitter, “I just realized my tonsils are missing. Man, I wish I were as rich as M. Moore i could’ve had some of that sweet Castro Care he loves.” Wow, Beck is still a giant jerk. By the way, I would love for Beck and Moore to compare bank accounts. It is a pretty safe bet that Beck is making more dough than Moore.

Beck’s illness proves that the rich do get better care than everyone else. If Beck didn’t have health insurance, he likely would have been sent home from the hospital. To Beck his hospital stay is evidence that the healthcare system is fine, but the millions of uninsured

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