Rep. Michele Bachmann Compares Healthcare Protesters to the Troops

Nov 04 2009 Published by under Featured News

Rep. Michele Bachmann turned up on the Glenn Beck Program, which is minus one Glenn Beck, to promote her healthcare protest in Washington, D.C. tomorrow. Bachmann turned up the military rhetoric and called the protesters freedom fighters. I guess to her protesting healthcare reform is just like risking your life in war.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Bachmann said, “This is really the eleventh hour when we are calling people to come to D.C. It is not inevitable that Speaker Pelosi’s healthcare government takeover is going to pass, and that’s why the number one thing that people can do is actually come, see their member of Congress look at them in the eyes, especially with other freedom fighters in tow, and let them know that the lessons of August, they should not forget at their peril.”

She referred to the elections last night, “Take a look at the elections last night. Take a look at the tea parties and town halls. Speaker Pelosi called those Astroturf that they were just made up. We know differently. We know people really do believe and embrace in the Constitution and the Declaration. They really do love this country. They love free markets, and they don’t want government to have cradle to grave control over their healthcare.”

In Bachmann’s mind people who are opposing healthcare reform are now on the same level as those who are risking their lives to defend this country. Since she brought them up in the clip, let’s talk about last night’s elections. You know the ones where the right wing lost two House elections. They actually managed to lose a seat in a Republican district, because they insisted on moving farther to the right. I think that lesson that can be learned from last night is that people like Bachmann are putting the GOP on a path to destruction.

Bachmann’s protest tomorrow reeks of being a publicity stunt for her. The big tipoff is that this event is going to start with a press conference. What kind of protest begins with a press conference? Every time the wing nuts have tried to organize a protest, they fail miserably. It would be pretty safe to predict that there aren’t going to be a flood of protesters tomorrow. As is the right wing way, even if this thing flops tomorrow, Bachmann will still claim victory.

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