Olbermann Tells Glenn Beck and His 9/12ers to Go To Hell

Nov 03 2009 Published by under Featured News

While doing the Worst Persons segment on his MSNBC show Countdown tonight host Keith Olbermann took aim at Glenn Beck for his comparison of healthcare reform to 9/11. Obermann said, “In short, Glenn, 9/12ers if you are invoking 9/11 just to oppose healthcare reform, go to hell.” Check out the video.

Here is Beck making the comparison between healthcare reform and 9/11:

Here is Olbermann’s reply:

Olbermann said, “Beck..shark …jump. You and the 9/12ers have the nerve to exploit 9/11 for your lousy TV ratings. You can not make light of 9/11, nor bandy about as if your petty political grievances are comparable to it, and still be an actual patriotic American. In short, Glenn, 9/12ers, if you are invoking 9/11 just to oppose healthcare reform, go to hell.”

Olbermann really nailed this one. There are a million different ways to oppose healthcare reform without invoking 9/11, but Beck had to go there. Beck made a cheap, insensitive, and clueless comparison, but this really isn’t any different from what we hear out of him on a daily basis.

Although, I do disagree with Olbermann that this was Beck’s jump the shark moment. I think that Beck jumped the shark when he called Barack Obama a racist. Beck and his 9/12ers are living in a fantasy world if they really believe that healthcare reform is the same as terrorism. Beck and his followers talk about freedom, but are only interested in taking away the freedom of everyone else for their own benefit.

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