The White House Denies War With Fox News

Nov 01 2009 Published by under Featured News

Senior adviser to President Obama, David Axelrod was on CBS News’ Face The Nation today, and he not only took on Rush Limbaugh, but he also denied that the White House is at war with Fox News. Axelrod said, “We’re at war only with people who represent mistruths as truth.”

Here is the video:

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On the “war” with Fox News, Axelrod said, “Look I’m not, first let me dispel something, we’re not at war with anyone. We’re at war only with people who represent mistruths as truth. And that’s true of any network, whether it’s FOX, CBS or any other network. When errors of fact are stated or when opinion is offered as fact, we will challenge that, and that will be our policy going forward, and the American people deserve that, and we have to do that for the sake of the administration, but we’re not a war with anyone.” Axelrod also called Rush Limbaugh an entertainer whose radio career is very well served by the views that he holds.

It doesn’t take much analysis of Axelrod’s statements to see that he is talking about Fox News. The administration is trying to avoid the idea that are involved in a war with FNC, but what other news network presents opinions as facts and goes out of their way to misrepresent the truth to advance a political agenda?

If the White House is not a war with Fox News, they are certainly making it clear that they are not going to let the claims aired by the network go unnoticed and unchallenged. This is all part of the White House strategy to make right wing extremists the face of the GOP. Most of America doesn’t watch Fox News, so by targeting them, and other right wingers, the administration looks more grounded and moderate, which it is compared to rightward movement of the Republican Party.

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