Limbaugh Predicts that Barack Obama Will Be a One Term President

Nov 01 2009 Published by under Featured News

Rush Limbaugh was the featured guest on Fox News Sunday today, where he ended the interview by making the prediction that there will be a voter revolt against Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, which will make Obama a one term president. However, when asked what Republican will defeat Obama, Limbaugh couldn’t name anyone.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Host Chris Wallace asked Limbaugh, “If you had to bet now, does Barack Obama win re- election in 2012?” Limbaugh answered, “If I had to bet now, he will not.” The most telling part of the exchange came when Wallace asked him if he had a name of who is going to beat Obama. Rush said, “No. I have no clue about that.”

Most hysterically, Limbaugh claimed that he would never put his personal success ahead of the country, “I’m going to attract the largest audience I can regardless the news. It’s my — it’s my talent that draws the crowd. The news is incidental to it. No. I’m worried, seriously worried, about the future of the country. I would never put my personal success in front of what I think is something that’s disastrous for the country.”

This half hour interview was a fluff piece that would have made Larry King proud. The interview was full of softballs that viewers have come to expect from the “fair and balanced” network. I wish Chris Wallace would have asked Limbaugh why, if politics have no bearing on his ratings, why his numbers dropped during the presidency of George W. Bush?

As far as Obama being a one term president goes, this is nothing more than Limbaugh pandering to the FNC audience while selling a pipe dream to those who desperately want to believe it. His prediction would have more credibility if he could actually name someone who could defeat Obama. If he can’t think of anyone who can defeat Obama, then it his prediction seems more like fantasy than reality.

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