Jon Stewart Mocks GOP Opposition to Net Neutrality

Oct 27 2009 Published by under Featured News

Last night on The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart explained what net neutrality was, and also mocked the Republican opposition to it. He singled out John McCain for criticism, “McCain is proposing that AT&T and Verizon be given freedom to control what information passes through the Internet.” Check out the video.

Here is the video:

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Stewart gave the clearest explanation of net neutrality that I have heard, “Right now the FCC is considering this issue called net neutrality. The internet service providers your Comcasts, your AT&s would like net neutrality not to happen so they would have the ability to decide which content and websites would get the preferential treatment. For instance, let’s say Comcast would buy NBC or something like that, then they might let NBC shows come to your computer really really fast, while making CBS and ABC shows go a little more slowly…It’s kind of like creating a carpool lane on the Internet, except instead of high occupancy vehicles, only rich assholes will be allowed to drive in it.”

Stewart took a big shot at John McCain, “McCain is proposing that AT&T and Verizon be given freedom to control what information passes through the Internet. Information like John McCain is the number one recipient of donations from the telecom industry and their lobbyists for the past three years, which I looked up on the Google, and it loaded pretty fast.”

Stewart is 100% correct here. The argument that the Republicans are making against net neutrality sounds like it was written by the telecom industry, and most likely it was. If the ISP’s have the right to segregate the Internet, an open and equal form of communication will be lost, users won’t benefit, websites won’t benefit, but the telecoms certainly will.

I don’t see how a political party that is opposed to government involvement and regulation can be opposed to net neutrality. One would think that the GOP would like the entrepreneurial spirit of the Internet, which they might. The problem is that they like telecom campaign contributions more.

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