A Message for Republicans; By the Way, You Lost.

Dear Republicans,

We know you’re having a hard time with this concept, so we thought we’d send you a friendly reminder about the election results last year.

You lost.

We do not trust you to be in charge of anything, even the local WalMart.

We do not want to hear your opinions on anything. And I mean anything. Not healthcare, not war, not education, not women’s rights, not gay rights, nothing. Nada. Nil.

We are very happy with the President we have now, and the more we are removed from the craziness of the last 8 years, the more grateful we are that you are now out of office.

For instance, hearing Cheney suggest that President Obama do as Bush did and forgo the constitution reminds us that you all still don’t get it. You still don’t think the laws apply to you. You still think that you can tell us how things are, and we will believe you. You’ve re-branded reality for so long, you believe your own lies. Sadly for y’all, we do not.

Sure, we have more cleaning up to do to get rid of all Republicans, but we’ve made a great effort thus far!

I’m sure you all remember the phrase, “elections have consequences,” no?

Meditate on that for a good long while before you speak on any subject again.

See, the last few elections were not a fluke. We really do despise your policies. We have no faith in your abilities. We are sick of your hypocrisy and lies.

Go silent into the night, “friends”. America is through with you.

P.S. Please take your date, Fox “News”, with you when you leave.

Inspired by more Dick Cheney “dithering” comments. See Dick schooled by Dems: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/25/dems-counter-punch-cheney_n_332987.html

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