CNN Refuses to Air Anti Lou Dobbs Ad

Oct 15 2009 Published by under Featured News

CNN announced today that they will not air an ad urging the network to drop controversial anchor Lou Dobbs during their much hyped “Latino in America” series next week. The ad urges CNN’s viewers to tell the network to, “drop the hate, drop Lou Dobbs.” It had been reported that CNN would air the ad, but this afternoon the network said it won’t.

Here is the ad:

There were reports, which defied all logic and common sense, that CNN would air the ad, but a CNN rep told TVNewser, “Contrary to reports, CNN has not accepted these spots and they will not air on the network.” Of course, CNN turned down the ad. Lou Dobbs still works for CNN, so why would they play a part in fueling a protest against their own network?

Rumors have been flying that Dobbs is on his way out off CNN, and will take up residence on the Fox Business Network. Dobbs has become nothing but a giant publicity and ratings headache for the network. When Dobbs jumped on the birther train, he lost a third of his audience. It has looked for months like he was positioning himself for a move to Fox.

Dobbs’ anti-Latino hate speech has been running counter to the direction that CNN has been going in for years. The contractor concepts of Lou Dobbs’ nightly rants and a series called Latino in America are enough to cause intellectual whiplash in any viewer. It would be best for both CNN and Dobbs to part ways, but the network is likely to stick with Dobbs until he bolts for Fox Business.

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