Glenn Beck Offers to Hold a Fundraiser for Rep. Michele Bachmann

Oct 14 2009 Published by under Featured News

Despite Glenn Beck’s protests that he is non-partisan, on his radio show today he offered to hold a fundraiser for right winger Rep. Michele Bachmann. Beck asked Bachmann how he could help her raise money, and then said, “We should have a fundraiser for you, Michele.”

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck tried to say that Bachmann doesn’t care about the parties, “May I say, I believe you are one of a handful, give me a number, I am thinking 5, and handful of people, maybe 3, that actually are in there doing the right thing, and you’ll fall on your sword if you have to, but you’re in there just, you don’t care about the parties anymore.”

Bachmann claimed that she is Nancy Pelosi’s number one target, “That’s right, and I think that’s why Speaker Pelosi has made me her number one congresswoman to defeat next year. She just released the list, and I am at the top of her list to defeat next year. She’s raising money hand over fist to defeat me next year.”

Beck asked how he could help Bachmann raise money, and after letting Bachmann making an appeal for donations, he suggested, “We should have a fundraiser for you, Michele.” Bachmann said that she would take it because Beck would be a huge draw. Beck then added that he can’t take the Lindsey Grahams of the world anymore.

Glenn Beck, who claims not to care about either of the political parties, that even Rush Limbaugh has avoided. He is using he media fame to raise money for Republican candidates. Beck always says that he isn’t a journalist, and this pretty much proves it. It is beyond laughable that he would claim that hyper partisan Bachmann is beyond both parties, while in the same segment, slamming Lindsey Graham for a truly bi-partisan move, in supporting cap and trade.

Bachmann is being targeted, not because she is a threat to Pelosi, but because she is extremely vulnerable. Successful political parties target seats based on the potential for winning a seat, not personal feelings. Bachmann barely survived last year, so it makes sense to go after her seat again. Her loony comments have destroyed her fundraising ability, which is why she was on Beck’s show begging for dollars.

People also need to know that Nancy Pelosi is not in charge of fundraising for House Democratic candidates. Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) is the DCCC chairman. Political leadership in either party is too busy to also handle the daily nuts and bolts of campaign strategy and fundraising. Bachmann understood though, that Republicans despise Pelosi, and probably don’t know who Van Hollen is. It is easier to get into people’s wallets if they think they are battling Pelosi.

If Beck actually does hold a fundraiser for Bachmann, he will have crossed the line from media figure to being a player in GOP politics. I don’t think it is a good for the Republican Party to have their talk show hosts raising money for their candidates. It would lend the appearance that the party is being run by people like Beck and Limbaugh. If this would come to fruition, the transformation of the GOP into a fringe right wing movement would be complete.

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