On MSNBC Donny Deutsch Calls Rush Limbaugh a Douche

Oct 13 2009 Published by under Featured News

When Donny Deutsch appears on MSNBC, for better or worse, something interesting always happens. Today he was on Morning Joe talking about Rush Limbaugh when he called Rush a “megalomaniac and a scary, distasteful, human being,” and while talking about Limbaugh’s bid to own an NFL team called him a douche.

Here is the initial video courtesy of Think Progress:

TVNewser picks up the story from there, “Then, a few minutes later, Scarborough and Deutsch discussed Limbaugh’s potential part-ownership an NFL team and the comments that led to his departure from ESPN. During the conversation, the audio cut out while Deutsch was talking and Scarborough said, semi-laughing, “…bleeped that out again. Why did you have to do that? Why?”

Deutsch later explained why he was bleeped, “I called Rush Limbaugh a feminine hygiene product that starts with a D and sounds like my last name. It was bleeped you can’t say that on TV.” Donny has never hid his distaste for Limbaugh, but it was news to me that you can’t say douche on the air. MSNBC should consider themselves lucky, because it seems that Deutsch was actually restraining himself.

It is humorous that MSNBC felt the need to bleep out a playground insult that has been used on South Park about a billion times. We can probably start the countdown clock on when Rush Limbaugh will go on the attack against Deutsch now. I don’t know if I would have called Rush a douche on the air, but it is fair to point out that the only thing bigger than Limbaugh’s delusions is his ego.

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