19 More Companies Join the Advertiser Boycott of Glenn Beck

Oct 06 2009 Published by under Featured News

The organization ColorOfChange.org announced today that 19 more companies have joined the advertiser boycott of Glenn Beck. This brings the total number of companies participating in the boycott to 80. The most recent additions include Subaru, Toyota-Lexus, and Equifax. Even Beck’s B and C list advertisers are now leaving him.

The newest advertisers to join the boycott of Glenn Beck are, “AmMed Direct, Citrix Online, Concord Music Group, Diageo, Eggland’s Best, Equifax, Eulactol USA (producer of Flexitol), GetARoom.com, Hoffman La Roche (maker of BONIVA), Metropolitan Talent Management, ooVoo, Overture Films, Scarguard, Schiff Nutrition (maker of Tiger’s Milk and Fi-Bar), Seoul Metropolitan Government, Subaru, Toyota-Lexus, Waitrose and Woodland Power Products, Inc.”

Advertisers continue to be frightened off by Beck’s divisive rhetoric, “Please rest assured that we do not endorse Beck’s views and are having our advertising agency request that Fox no longer air our advertisements during his shows,” said John Mills, Director of Marketing for AmMed Direct, in an email to ColorOfChange.org.

“We are currently shifting our presence on the Fox Television network to a time slot that will not include the Glenn Beck television program,” said Bernardo de Albergaria, Vice President of Global Marketing & eCommerce for Citrix Online, in an email to ColorOfChange.org. “I have received confirmation that Fox has been instructed to begin this transition immediately and I am advised it will be fully implemented by October 9th.”

“We are appalled at what’s going on,” said John Scher, co-CEO of Metropolitan Talent Management, in a phone conversation with ColorOfChange.org. “Metropolitan Talent Management is 100% dedicated to not buy advertising on any part of Fox News.” Fox News and Beck have tried everything to dent this boycott from ignoring it, dismissing it, to even demonizing Color of Change co-founder Van Jones.

Fox News has also tried to take the heat off of Beck by sending him on vacation for a week, but nothing has worked. The advertiser boycott is costing the networks hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, and is showing no signs of slowing down. The ColorofChange advertiser boycott may go down as the most successful of its kind.

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