Glenn Beck Accuses the Media of Attacking Him with Yellow Journalism

Oct 05 2009 Published by under Featured News

On his FNC program tonight, Glenn Beck went on the attack against the media because he claimed that they are ignoring the issues, and instead are looking into his past. Beck said to the media, “Good lord stop wasting your time on this kind of despicable yellow journalism…” Beck accuses others of yellow journalism is pretty rich.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck said, “I tell you all the time I am not a journalist. I’m not. I’ve joked that I am a rodeo clown, but you know what, I take that back. I no longer am a rodeo clown. I am a dad, and quite frankly I am a little pissed off right now. You can call me names. You can make fun of me, whatever. I am doing what I think is right. I am doing a job as a private citizen right now…Will anyone look at these issues instead of looking at my past?…”

After trying to recruit Democrats to spy on their own party, he continued, “I am tired of the people in the press railing about how bad I am for the Republicans or Democrats, or honest to goodness even questioning, this was actually a series of stories, even questioning if my mother committed suicide when I was kid. Good Lord, stop wasting your time on this despicable yellow journalism. Why not spend your time proving me wrong, or spend your time telling the American people that I wasn’t wrong on ACORN, the NEA, or Van Jones? If I am in the ballpark it is because I am not a journalist. I am just a dad doing this for my kids. Would you like to help?”

It would seem that Glenn Beck doesn’t like having his past examined, but Beck needs to realize that with fame comes scrutiny. It is ironic that Beck who has done nothing but practice yellow journalism would decry anyone who dares investigate his own past. It looks like Glenn is now playing the ‘I am just a regular guy card.’ Yep, he is a regular guy alright. If regular folks made $20-30 million a year, and have their own television and radio shows.

Beck still claims that he isn’t a journalist, but also toots his own horn by stating his belief that he does a better job than professional journalists. It is easy to do a better job than journalists if you can have absolutely no rules or standards, make up your own stories, and convince millions of people to believe them.

It is flat out hysterical that Beck took a page out of McCarthy’s book by trying to recruit Democrats to spy on their own party. It seems to me like Beck is starting to buy his own hype. He is acting a bit larger than what he really is. He really is nothing more than an entertainer, but he appears to be under the delusion that he is founding some kind of movement. I think he is starting to feel the backlash from both the right and the left, and it is only a matter of time until he cracks.

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