Glenn Beck Encourages His Listeners Not to Get Swine Flu Vaccinations

Sep 30 2009 Published by under Featured News

Glenn Beck unveiled his latest cause for paranoia and fear today, and it is the fact that some state and local governments are mandating that some workers get vaccinated for the swine flu. Beck claims that eventually the government is going to force everyone to get the shot, or be rounded up by the government. Beck is using fear to discourage his listeners from getting the shot.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Beck asked a round of callers if they were going to get the swine flu vaccine, and when they said no, he would ask, “If the government said you have to or you gotta get on this bus, or you are quarantined in your own home?”

Another caller named Kim believed that the shots cause more of a problem than the disease said, “We’ll take the quarantine and have a great time.” Beck asked what if they say get on the bus. Kim said, “Absolutely not, and I hate to say it with the way the government is, where’s that bus going?”

Beck asked his caller Dan, “If they are going to say mandatory vaccinations, then if you don’t do it there has to be a quarantine of some sort. You’re going to have stay in your house, or they’re going to have to say they are going to move you to another area where people aren’t quarantined.” Dan said that he doesn’t trust the government because of the clandestine nature of the Obama administration.

While trying to spread mistrust of the Obama administration, Glenn Beck is also spreading fear about the swine flu vaccine. His primary intention may not be to discourage people from getting shot, but this is exactly what he is doing. If Beck’s gullible listeners don’t get the vaccine and they get the flu, is this also Obama’s fault?

An even worse case scenario is what the children of these anti-vaccination listeners get the swine flu? Since we know that children and young people are more at risk for this flu, it would be especially irresponsible for kids not to be vaccinated. Essentially, Beck is trying to kill his listeners and viewers, by encouraging them not to get the shot.

In typical Beck fashion, he never actually said don’t get the vaccination. Instead he is frightening people away from the shot. He is encouraging an epidemic, so if this winter you find yourself in the waiting room of a doctor’s office, and there is somebody sitting near you who coughing while reading Beck’s new book, it won’t be difficult to connect the dots.

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