Glenn Beck Compares Himself to Jon Stewart

Sep 22 2009 Published by under Featured News

Glenn Beck sat down for an interview with Katie Couric for her CBS series @katiecouric. Couric asked Beck if his joke about poisoning Pelosi was part of his show business side. Beck responded, “Have you asked Jon Stewart this question?” The implication being that the man followed by millions of conservatives considers his program to be a comedy, just like The Daily Show.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

After talking about Beck’s claim that Obama is a racist, Katie Couric asked Beck, You’ve joked on your show about poisoning Nancy Pelosi. You have said there are people you want to hit on the head including Congressman Charlie Rangel, now I guess the question is do ever feel like that crosses the line? Do you feel like that’s part of your show business side, your rodeo cowboy side?

Beck answered, “I am, uh, have you asked Jon Stewart this question? I am the other end of the spectrum.” Couric followed up, “Well do you consider yourself more like Jon Stewart than say a journalist?” Beck replied, “I consider myself, I am not a journalist. I am an opinion guy.”

In Glenn Beck’s mind, he thinks he is just like Jon Stewart, and he would be if Stewart hosted a show on a news network that he and the network tried to pass off as serious news. Glenn Beck has nothing in common with Jon Stewart. Everyone knows, Stewart’s show is comedy. However, there are millions of misguided people out there who watch Beck’s “comedy” on Fox News and take it seriously.

Katie Couric would not have to ask Jon Stewart the same question, because Stewart isn’t trying to pass himself off as something he isn’t. The standard Glenn Beck defense has become to claim not to be a journalist, when he is asked about his actions. Beck may claim that he isn’t a journalist, but sure has fun playing one on television.

The truly sad part of this is that Jon Stewart’s comedy show contains more journalism than Glenn Beck’s news show. When people watch Stewart’s show, they get facts with jokes wrapped around them. Viewers of Beck’s show get no facts and even fewer jokes. Once again, I fail to see what exactly it is that Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck have in common.

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