MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Calls Out Glenn Beck

Sep 18 2009 Published by under Featured News

In response to Glenn Beck telling his Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski to shut the hell up yesterday, Joe Scarborough did something he has been itching to do for a while. He opened up on Beck. Scarborough said, “Suddenly the Glenn Beck that nobody watched six months ago is now the Glenn Beck who he thinks is an international superstar.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Scarborough said, “It is also interesting you know he also picked on MSNBC and said nobody watches this network, which is kind of funny because if I’m not mistaken his last gig at CNN Headline News I think this network beat him every night. Now he’s standing on Roger Ailes shoulders and he is a big man, oh. I love it, these people go over and the work for Roger who creates this remarkable platform for conservatives, and suddenly the Glenn Beck that nobody watched six months ago is now the Glenn Beck who he thinks is an international superstar.”

He continued, “Well I think he’s also, you know why he is upset at Mika? Because Mika just sauntered off the beaches in the South of France and started a radio show, and Glenn’s been doing it for 20-25 years, you read all these things, I studied old time radio for and this is what I do, and Mika’s actually beating him head to head in the only city where we compete, in New York, so you know really when we stumble in there, and we’re drinking, sort of passed out, we’re beating Glenn Beck in New York, and I think it makes him really angry.”

Scarborough brought up a great point here. Beck was an absolute nobody a year ago. Fox News made Glenn Beck. Nobody cared about Beck’s Headline News show. I am not sure if Scarborough was aware of it or not, but his comment about drinking and the radio show could be interpreted as a personal jab at Beck who is a recovering alcoholic.

Beck is now acting awfully big for a guy who has been struggling for years. I am sure that getting beat by Mika and Joe in NYC doesn’t sit well with Beck, but really Glenn Beck was insulted by the idea that he isn’t the best voice for the conservative movement. I am going to guess Mika’s comments about Beck, who is a college dropout, got under his skin.

It is also intentional that Beck went after Mika and not Scarborough, who has been criticizing the tone and the direction of the GOP for months. I get the sense that Beck doesn’t want to mess with Scarborough.

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