Video: A Fair and Balanced Fox News Producer Coaches 9/12 Protesters

Sep 18 2009 Published by under Featured News

Here is yet another nail in the coffins of Fox News’ claims that they are fair and balanced, and that they were only covering the 9/12 protests. Check out this video from Media Matters of a Fox News producer coaching a group of 9/12 protesters and pumping up the crowd during a report by Griff Jenkins.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

In the video you can see the producer encouraging the crowd to turn up the noise. She was doing the same thing that a late night or daytime television producer does to get a studio audience going.

Here is how the scene looked to Fox News viewers:

I understand that this protest was Glenn Beck’s baby, but a news organization is not supposed to be an active participant in the protest. In theory, they should be covering the news, not making it. This is why when people try to defend FNC as a credible and objective news source, savvy viewers should laugh. FNC has branched from being a conservative news network to engaging in conservative activism. This is why they have no journalistic credibility.

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