MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Is Glenn Beck’s Newest Enemy

Sep 17 2009 Published by under Featured News

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today Mika Brzezinski expressed concerned that the conservative voice wasn’t being well represented by Glenn Beck. This comment sent Beck on the warpath. Beck and his crew mocked her on his radio show, and Beck told Mike to, “Shut the hell up.” It is looks like Beck has a new enemy.

Here is the Morning Joe video:

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Brzezinski said, “Well, and I think that obvious a lot of people have different reactions to Glenn Beck, and he has a huge following. I will say that my reaction is one of real concern, and I think it is because I feel like the conservative voice isn’t being well represented, and he is tapping into something that may not be so constructive in terms of raising the bar of the conversation and representing the conservative voice in an elegant way.”

Here is the audio of Beck courtesy of Media Matters:

The Beck told her to shut the hell up:

Beck said, “She was on this morning and she said you know what really bothers me about Glenn Beck, the right they have this guy making the case for the conservatives. She’s concerned that it’s not an elegant argument. Shut the hell up. Shut the hell up.”


With that statement Beck confirmed Brzezinski’s entire point. Mika is confusing Beck with someone who is a serious voice. Beck isn’t trying to lead a movement. His goals are big ratings and big money. Brzezinski is correct that conservatives should be concerned that their voices of their movement are people like Beck and Limbaugh. They both appeal to paranoia and the worst elements of our politics.

What’s even worse for conservatives is that Beck and Limbaugh aren’t political figures, so they could care less who wins elections in this country. They are in the media business, and in Beck’s case especially, business is booming under a Democratic administration. It would be in his best financial interest for conservatives to stay scared and Democrats to stay in power.

It is interesting that in the very same MSNBC segment, Joe Scarborough tore Beck a new one, but since Joe is a Republican, Beck overlooked that. It was funny to hear Beck and his crew claim that nobody watches Morning Joe, when everyone knows that is the top rated morning cable news show. The “Independent” Beck once again revealed his true colors.

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