Limbaugh Calls Jimmy Carter the Nation’s Biggest Hemorrhoid

Sep 16 2009 Published by under Featured News

After Jimmy Carter brought up the right wing’s racism last night, today Rush Limbaugh attacked former President Carter by claiming that Osama Bin Laden reads his books. Limbaugh called Carter, “the nation’s biggest hemorrhoid.” This coming from the host who featured the song Barack the Magic Negro on his show.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “Apparently Osama Bin Laden, the big guy, does read even by candlelight in the cave, and on his must read list of three books, one of the three books is Jimmy Carter’s. One of the three books that Osama Bin Laden recommends that American’s read, and people around the world read is written by former president James Earl Carter, the peanut farmer, the carpenter, the foreign policy hemorrhoid. Jimmy Carter is the nation’s hemorrhoid folks, and we don’t have a tube of Prep-H big enough to deal with it.”

If Jimmy Carter is the nation’s hemorrhoid, what does that make Rush Limbaugh? Is he the nation’s biggest STD? Limbaugh didn’t bother to address the point that Carter was making that some of the opposition to Obama is based on racism. Limbaugh didn’t explore this because he spends every day exploiting the racism of some of his listeners. Anyone want to take a guess which talk show host featured the song, “Barack the Magic Negro” on his radio show?

I don’t know if Rush Limbaugh, himself is a racist, but he has no qualms about engaging in race based politics on his show. Carter made what most people consider to be an obvious statement. Some of the hatred and fear of Obama is based on race. The majority of Republicans aren’t racists, and the fact that Limbaugh decided to personally attack Carter instead of address his point, provides evidence of Carter’s accuracy.

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