Hypocrite Glenn Beck Rants about the Dangers of False Cries of Racism

Sep 16 2009 Published by under Featured News

Today on his radio show, hypocrisy was on the air as, Glenn Beck ranted about the danger of false cries of racism. Beck wanted to see the evidence that Rep. Joe Wilson is a racist. I think that is a great idea, and Beck himself should be held to the same standard. We should ask Glenn Beck to present his evidence that President Obama is a racist.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Beck said, “If I was a betting man I would say the false cries of racism on Joe Wilson, when there is absolutely nothing to back it up, just back it up. You wanna say, hey I think this guy is a racist, well then let’s listen to the explanation. Let’s ask what is your evidence that he’s a racist, what is your evidence, and let’s do it with peace and love in our hearts, what is your evidence? I haven’t heard their evidence. Has anybody even asked their evidence? I’d like to ask for the evidence. What evidence do you have that Joe, because maybe he is, I don’t know. I’ve looked. We’ve had our researchers look. I haven’t found any evidence, so let’s hear it. Maybe he is, but that should be asked. Why would you say that because racism is real, and if you have evidence, then we should listen to it, and maybe convince them that they’re either right or they’re wrong…”

After comparing racism to crying fire, Beck continued, “When there are cries of racism sometimes it’s not because there is real racism, sometimes it’s because there is somebody mealing around in the office, that might figure out what is going on in the office, and then might report it, so what do they do FIRE, FIRE to get everybody out of the office, so they can continue to cover up what they need covered, and so you are all standing out in the sidewalk going gee fire, but you know what after that person cries fire over and over again and there is no fire, maybe we should look at that, and say why do they keep crying fire?”
Beck has inspired me to ask him to show us his evidence that Barack Obama is a racist. Let’s see it, Glenn, because if he doesn’t have any evidence then he is just another one of those people who is crying fire to cover something up. If Beck won’t provide his evidence of Obama’s racism, then we need to ask him what he is trying to cover up.

Glenn Beck cries fire at least twice a month when claims on one of his shows that somebody is out to do him bodily harm. Once again, we need to ask where is the evidence that anyone is out to get Beck. Why does he keep making these claims, if he doesn’t have any evidence? It is hypocritical for a man who has made a fortune by leveling charges against others with no evidence to hold others to a standard above his own.

I think that we all should demand to see Glenn Beck’s evidence that President Obama is a racist. What has Obama done that could ever be considered racist? If Beck has evidence that Obama has ever engaged in racist behavior or statements, then we should see it. If Beck was held to the same standard that he is holding others to, his career would be over in a week.

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