GOP Birther Rapper Rails Against Communist Czars at 9/12 Protest

Sep 15 2009 Published by under Featured News

Apparently part of RNC Chairman Michael Steele hip-hopping of the GOP included the performance of birther rapper Hi-Caliber who rapped about “communist czars,” and Obama’s birth certificate at the 9/12 protest in Washington, D.C. This really must be seen to be believed.

Here is the video courtesy of Think Progress:

The lyrics include, “We need tanks and hummers, not hybrid cars! We need honest politicians, not communist czars! USA, not the USSR. We need more Ann Coulter and less Bill Maher… I don’t need another lecture from the Socialistic hypocrite. Tuesday was your birthday, but where’s your birth certificate?”

Hi-Caliber is certainly misnamed. I am no rap expert, but this is definitely not an original style or even accurate lyrics. Does this guy realize that there were no communist czars? The Bolshevik Revolution deposed the last of the czars. The Communist Party did not feature czars.

Hi-Caliber was a New Jersey construction worker, who according to an article in The Daily Beast that his life was change after listening to Michael Savage for ten minutes. The white guy from Jersey now dedicates himself to writing battle anthems that oppose Barack Obama.

If this part of Michael Steele’s minority outreach plan, the GOP has a very long way to go. By the way, judging from the video, there certainly doesn’t appear to be millions or hundreds of thousands of people milling around at the protest. First Joe the Plumber and now this “rapper” is looking to exploit the lunacy of the Republican Party to get his 15 minutes.

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