An Open Letter to Congressman Joe Wilson

Sep 13 2009 Published by under Featured News

Dear Congressman Wilson,

I would like to add my voice to the chorus of those protesting your behavior in the solemn halls of Congress during an historical Joint Session. I must say — I had never heard of you before but you have made a terrible impression on me and so very many others.

I have read your bio and it seems that you should be a man of some character — all those Eagle Scouts (except for the anti-gay thing) speak well of you. As a former Girl Scout I know what this means, what they have accomplished, and I congratulate you upon your family.

All Scouts know that disrespectful behavior to anyone, particularly public servants, civic leaders, members of Congress — you know, people such as yourself — is unacceptable.


That YOU — a distinguished Congressman — should bring such disgrace upon yourself and your family is unimaginable to me. To call THE PRESIDENT A LIAR IN A JOINT SESSION OF CONGRESS is, I believe, a first — one for the history books. Congratulations on your moment of infamy, bad manners and despicable display of utter loutishness.


I’ll just bet, at that moment of lost control, you felt very safe in your group of like-
minded Southern white guys. It was interesting watching you all — seeing the obdurate, implacable, pinched and truculent faces — the negativity and hostility simmering and bubbling. You were merely the voice in the crowd that reflected the animosity of your set. That “Whites Only Country Club” type

We know what you all are up to — it doesn’t matter what this President proposes. It would appear that as far as you all are concerned, the Presidency is a “White Males Only” Country Club. This good and wise man, who cares more about bipartisanship than seems sane, could suggest the most brilliant things in the world — as he has — and you all would object to anything he would implement — any thing at all.

Why, do you suppose? Is it just the increasing bitterness between what used to be called the “Republican Party” and the Democrats? Or is it something — darker, and more sinister?

Darker, and more sinister — there you have it, the crux of the matter. You boys just don’t like taking your marching orders from a brilliant Black Man — do you?

Re your astonishing statement –unapologetically defended by you! — regarding the legislation the PRESIDENT supposedly was lying about — have you read it? The proposed bill, available to any literate member of Congress, distinctly says that no illegal aliens will get government funding for medical care.

Although there may not be adequate safeguards re the identification and treatment of illegal aliens, what would you have us do? National Identification Cards? That’s not a very Republican position — or is it?

These days, the only Republican positions readily identifiable are whatever it is that the President/Democrats DON’T want. Yep, the “Party of Nope,” all right. NO!
IT’S BAD! IT’S SOCIALIST! FASCIST! COMMUNIST! EVIL! The language is devolving rapidly.

Encouraged by even members of Congress such as yourself, there is a gathering darkness around our civil discourse, made horrific by the sight of men with guns. Some of them are your brothers, your comrades-in-arms: Sons of Confederate Veterans. There is a direct connection, and we as a Nation must face the violent strain in our History before it once again takes a Leader from us.

I, for one, never want to face that anguish again.

If a Congressman can call a President a liar when he is speaking in Congress about text available to all in that room, what might less intelligent, more reactive sympathizers of you do? There IS a sense of gathering ill will in this land, and it is being perpetuated by people like YOU, Joe Wilson, GOP Congressman of South Carolina.

You’d best recall the manners someone hopefully taught your Eagle Scout sons and start behaving like a gentleman. You, sir, were hopelessly out of order and will forevermore be known as the first (White Southern Republican Male) person to call out the President of the United States, the Leader of the Free World, your Commander in Chief, during a Joint Session of Congress — you have made History.

Congratulations — enjoy the infamy, because it’s going to last forever.

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