August Ratings: MSNBC is Down but Rachel Maddow is Way Up

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Even though MSNBC’s August 2009 ratings are not surprisingly down, compared to the August 2008 convention and election coverage, Rachel Maddow’s show has continued to grow. Maddow is up a whopping 61% among views 25-54, and 92% in total viewers over last year. Maddow’s show continues to become a force on MSNBC.

MSNBC as a network saw a 21% decrease in total viewers, and 31% drop in the 25-54 demo. In primetime MSNBC’s has seen a 14% decrease in total viewers and a small drop in the 25-54 demo.

This isn’t a surprise considering that August 2008 featured the Democratic convention, John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate, and the Republican convention. Younger Obama supporters were watching more cable news last year.

MSNBC primetime stomped all over CNN, and established itself as a solid number two behind the juggernaut that is Fox News. MSNBC was still the number one news network with people age 18-34. Countdown with Keith Olbermann suffered a 5% decrease in viewers, but put up huge numbers compared to the show hosted by Dan Abrams at 9 PM last year. Maddow’s show is the fastest growing cable news show in its timeslot.

According to an MSNBC press release, “The Rachel Maddow Show” out-rated CNN’s “Larry King Live” among A25-54 in August (304,000 vs. 294,000). “TRMS” is the fastest growing cable news show at 9 p.m, up a huge 92 percent in total viewers versus August 2008 (996,000 vs. 519,000) and up 61 percent in A25-54 (304,000 vs. 188,000). “TRMS” also beat “Larry King” among younger viewers 18-34 in August by 29 percent (93,000 vs. 72,000).”

It is interesting that Maddow’s show is only progressive/liberal primetime cable news show that is growing. FNC’s growth can be explained anti-Obama viewers coming home, but why is Maddow’s show growing? I think the answer rests in the fact that Maddow hosts a different kind of show. She doesn’t lecture or yell at viewers the way that Schultz, Matthews, and Olbermann do.

Personally, Maddow’s show is the only one on MSNBC that I can watch and learn something that I didn’t already know. Rachel Maddow’s show is actually informative. While Ed Schultz screams every night about healthcare, Chris Matthews tries to gin up conflict, and Keith Olbermann bellows and lectures, Maddow connects the political dots.

I personally believe that it is only a matter of time before Maddow overtakes Olbermann, and becomes the top personality on MSNBC. I think Olbermann has been hurt by not having a Republican president to rail against every night. Olbermann is the progressive equivalent of Bill O’Reilly. He needs someone or something to rant about. Maddow runs a much calmer, fact based program, which seems to be very appealing to liberals who want to stay informed.

(H/T: TVNewser)

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