Gonzales Disagrees With Dick Cheney by Supporting Torture Investigation

Sep 01 2009 Published by under Featured News

In an interview today former Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales came out in support of an investigation of CIA interrogators who may have broken the law. Gonzales said, “And if people go beyond that, I think it is legitimate to question and examine that conduct…” It looks like Cheney is standing alone again by defending torture.

In the Washington Times, Gonzales said, “We worked very hard to establish ground rules and parameters about how to deal with terrorists, and if people go beyond that, I think it is legitimate to question and examine that conduct to ensure people are held accountable for their actions, even if it’s action in prosecuting the war on terror.”

Gonzales’ opinion stands in contrast to what Cheney had to say last week on Fox News Sunday, “I think it’s a terrible decision. President Obama made the announcement some weeks ago that this would not happen, that his administration would not go back and look at or try to prosecute CIA personnel. And the effort now is based upon the inspector general’s report that was sent to the Justice Department five years ago, was completely reviewed by the Justice Department in years past.”Cheney also called the investigation a political move.

The interesting point is that Dick Cheney is once again standing alone in his defense of torture, especially interrogations that might have been criminal. Gonzales is correct in his belief that anyone who went beyond the law should be investigated. Cheney is dead wrong, and he is trying hard to stop any investigations because he is afraid that they will lead back to him. His defense isn’t about protecting America. He is all about protecting himself.

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