Glenn Beck Warns That Obama is going to Bomb Canada

Aug 31 2009 Published by under Featured News

On his FNC program today Glenn Beck claimed that Barack Obama is going to bomb the Canadian oil pipelines to nationalize the oil and gas industries. Beck said, “Oh they’ll say they didn’t want to seize control of the oil companies….but we had to.” I think someone has been watching the South Park movie again.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck used clips of Hillary Clinton, Van Jones, and Maxine Waters to compare Democrats to the Canadian pipeline bomber, and said, “Before the liberal bloggers in their basements go crazy over this, no I am not comparing Van Jones, Hillary, or Maxine Waters to the pipeline bomber. Did it sound like that? What I am doing is showing that there is an evolution, or dare I say a progression, progressive is good, of the same type of thinking that big oil is evil and should be destroyed, and by the way that kind of thinking really helps during times of silent revolutions.”

He continued, “By the way, do think have explosions at the largest natural gas company in North America might push people into an “emergency?” Oh, they’ll say they didn’t want to seize control of the oil companies. Oh no, I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t want to run GM. I didn’t want to run the banks, but we had to.”

Beck is alleging that Obama is going to commit an act of war, just so he can nationalize the oil and natural gas industries. Why would Obama do this? Because according to Beck, the Democrats are Socialists. Does his conspiracy theory have any basis in fact? No, it does not. This is why I consider Glenn Beck Republican science fiction. Everyday he weaves these tall tales that his audience willingly embraces.

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