Advertiser Boycott Sends Glenn Beck’s Paranoia into Overdrive

Aug 28 2009 Published by under Featured News

The massive exodus of advertisers from Glenn Beck’s television show appears to be taking its toll on the host. Beck went on a paranoid rant about Media Matters and liberal bloggers attacking him. Beck said, “What they have to do is break my legs. What they have to do is silence me. What they have to do is Sarah Palin me.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

After falsely claiming that Media Matters is funded by George Soros, and fear mongering about Obama’s “civilian national security force,” Beck got to the root of his concern, “Unless you are preparing something else. Now that is a very good chance that if this gets traction, they will, right now preparing something to take me out and discredit me, but I think what’s happening is as our listener called in a little while ago, Char she’s a truck driver, she was in Wisconsin last night, and she said that she was called a racist because she was watching me, and you should see, we are compiling a list of all things that bloggers are calling me this week.”

He continued, “None of them are dealing with the facts. They are going after my religion. They’re going after my alcoholism. They’re going after oh well he’s just crazy, that I’m a fear monger, that I am this I am that. None of them are answering the questions, none, none. None are relying on facts to dispute…What they have to do is break my legs. What they have to do is silence me. What they have to do is Sarah Palin.”

First of all Media Matters is not a George Soros operation. It is a David Brock operation. Why is it that the right wing thinks that George Soros is the only liberal with any money, and that he is behind everything? Secondly, the source of Beck’s terror is that his viewers are called racists for watching. An advertiser boycott might not get him taken off of the air, but is show gets the racist tag, he is doomed.

Notice how he brought up the fact that one of his viewers was called racist, but he doesn’t mention why she was called a racist. Glenn, she was called a racist because the host of the program that she was watching decided one morning to call the black president of the United States a racist. Beck started this tsunami of boycotts and bad publicity all on his own.

It isn’t surprising that Glenn Beck is making a blogger enemies list. This is the kind of thing that paranoid people do. I disagree with anyone who attacks Beck for his religion or battle with addiction. Those are personal matters that have nothing to do with politics. In listing all of the things that people call him, he avoided the term racist. It seems that he doesn’t want to go near the race thing with a ten foot poll.

He can spread his conspiracy theories until the end of time, but you have to ask yourself, if so many people are out to get Glenn Beck, why is he still here? If anyone wanted to take Beck out that could. The truth is that his whole Chicken Little act is a gimmick. No one is out to get Beck. He is the Doctor Who of the right wing fringe. He goes on the air everyday and peddles politics based science fiction. It is shtick, and it has made him a millionaire many times over.

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