Wolf Blitzer Thinks That John McCain Will Be the New Ted Kennedy

Aug 27 2009 Published by under Featured News

Sometimes you really have to wonder what planet CNN’s Wolf Blitzer lives on. On his show The Situation Room, Blitzer put forth the thought that John McCain could become the new Ted Kennedy in the United States Senate. Blitzer seemed to ignore the fact that McCain has gotten more bitter and partisan since he lost the election to Obama.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Blitzer said, “I was talking earlier with some friends, and I asked who might emerge as the new Ted Kennedy in the United States Senate. You know who a lot of people think it might be? Someone else who sought the presidency, lost, and decided, you know what, my life’s work will now be the Senate, and that could be Senator McCain was a very good friend, has been a very good friend of Sen. Kennedy. We’ll see if that becomes the passion that became the passion of Sen. Kennedy after he lost to Jimmy Carter, the Democratic presidential nomination back in 1980.”

My favorite part of this clip is that you can hear someone off camera saying, “That is kind of hard to believe.” Now it could have been somebody on their cell phone, or an unrelated off camera conversation, but I agree it is kind of hard to believe that McCain, who has the polar opposite temperament of Kennedy could replace him.

I think Wolf Blitzer needs to get some more intelligent “friends.” No one believes that the 72 year old McCain could ever fill Ted Kennedy’s role in the Senate. Currently, McCain more seems more preoccupied with holding off a right wing challenger in next year’s Republican primary for his Senate seat. Wolf believes that McCain could replace Kennedy because they both lost presidential campaigns, and they/were old.

Blitzer is an unabashed McCain fan, but it hysterical for him to suggest that McCain could fill Kennedy’s role, because Kennedy was a liberal, while McCain is a conservative. John Kerry also lost a presidential campaign, so let’s say that he can fill the Kennedy role too. Blitzer’s idea is just plain dumb. I think Kennedy was unique. I doubt that anyone will be able to fill his role, which is what makes his loss so significant.

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