Rush Limbaugh Defends Comparing Obama to Hitler

Aug 19 2009 Published by under Featured News

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh defended his comparisons of Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, but he also claimed to have never compared Obama and Hitler. That is interesting because here is some audio of Rush Limbaugh comparing Obama to Hitler.

Here is the audio of today’s show from Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “Why can we not use Hitler who was architect of National Socialism in Germany…The reason you say that we shouldn’t use Hitler and this Nazi stuff is because everybody associates genocide with Hitler, and you’re afraid that people are going to think that we’re associating or trying to say that Obama is identical to Hitler in that way, and I have made it plain that Obama is not Hitler and Pelosi is not Joseph Goebbels, but this health care plan and the entire Obama agenda is frighteningly close to the national socialism policies of Nazi Germany.”

He continued, “ Far closer are the Democrats and Obama and their polices to the National Socialist policies than anything we on the right believe, and we’ve been sitting here, we have been tarred and feathered for 21 years, about the length of time I have been doing this show, about we are Hitler. The conservatives are like Nazis, and it’s just Hitler was a man of the left. The Democrats are getting a taste of their own medicine here.”

So Rush never compared Obama to Hitler? Check this out from August 6:

You know Republicans have nothing in common with Nazis. For example, Nazis rounded up and detained people without charges. Nazis also believed in preemptive war, engaged in domestic spying, violated the rights of their own citizens, tortured, whipped up hyper patriotism, and ruled through fear. Of course these are things that the Republican Party could never stand for, unless they did for the past 8 years under George W. Bush.

I don’t know which is more frightening. Limbaugh’s brushing aside genocide, or his rehabilitation of Hitler as a liberal. Rush is confusing the American political definition of right and left, with the classic political science definitions of right and left. Hitler was right or left in the American political sense. He was a fascist dictator. Limbaugh’s claim that Obama is similar to Hitler has no basis in reality, but what do you expect from a guy who can’t remember what he said two weeks ago.

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