Lou Dobbs Labels Olbermann MSNBC’s Resident Moron

Aug 11 2009 Published by under Featured News

On his radio show today, Lou Dobbs called Keith Olbermann the resident moron over at MSNBC, who knows nothing about politics, nothing about economics who didn’t cover any of it until he got his gig at MSNBC. Dobbs also took on Carlos Watson who he called a commentator on the crazed out its mind left wing network of MSNBC.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Dobbs said, “First, I want to share with you something that just shocks me. Over at MSNBC, Keith Olbermann is resident moron over there. He knows nothing about politics nothing about economics. He has never covered politics until they put him in that chair and said, hey go try that. Ah, I mean it’s crazy. He’s just, oh my gosh.”

Earlier Dobbs went after MSNBC’s Carlos Watson:

Interestingly, Dobbs didn’t mention that Carlos Watson used to be at CNN, which is also the television home of Lou Dobbs. Keith Olbermann is far from a political expert. His opinions are basically those of the mainstream left. Actually there is very little original thought in what he states on his show, but this does not make him a moron.

In my opinion a moron is someone who uses their show to peddle conspiracy theories about Obama citizenship that have already been widely disproven. A moron is someone whose ratings has tanked, yet still keeps marching more to the right. I am not the world’s biggest Keith Olbermann fan, but Lou Dobbs is a moron.

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