Lou Dobbs Calls Keith Olbermann a Psychotic Punk

Aug 07 2009 Published by under Featured News

On his radio show today Lou Dobbs kept up the attack on MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann by claiming that Olbermann attacked his family. He called Olbermann a “psychotic punk,” who happened to have parlayed an act into a gig on MSNBC. He also accused MSNBC parent company General Electric of working for the Democratic National Committee.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Dobbs said, “Turns out that the wretchedness the vileness of a certain individual over at MSNBC who is absolute nothing more than he’s just a psychotic punk who happens to have parlayed an act into a gig on MSNBC, which by the way General Electric apparently has decided to donate to the Democratic National Committee. There’s no other explanation for permitting a man the excess that he has attacking my family. Then he tried to deny attacking my family by bringing up the ethnicity of my wife and my children.”

Later Dobbs said, “I would think that General Electric would not be too thrilled, and its board CEO. I mean what is this? You permit somebody to attack a man’s family? Look, I’ve said I’m in the public arena, come at me. That’s your privilege. It’s free speech, but attacking my family, bringing my family into a public dispute. Is there any sense of decency or constraint at General Electric? I mean this is behavior that has nothing to do with the First Amendment, folks. You know he can prattle off all of his either over or under medicated madness anytime he wants, but leave my family out of it.”

Boy if Dobbs thought that Olbermann was attacking his family he isn’t going to like Friday’s Countdown :

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Notice how Dobbs is trying to play the victim, and bury his crazy birther talk that started all of this in the first place? Dobbs is trying to change the subject and make us all forget that this whole thing started when he raised, “questions” about Obama’s citizenship. Olbermann is not attacking Dobbs’ family. As the video above shows, he is pointing out exactly the kind of hypocrite that Lou Dobbs really is.

Why is it a big deal if Olbermann mentioned that Dobbs’ wife and kids are Hispanic? Is this some kind of secret that he didn’t want his viewers/listeners to know? Maybe he fears that it would damage his credibility with the immigrant bashing crowd that he has built his career on? Dobbs has dug himself into a deep hole and now he is trying to use Olbermann to get out of it.

It is interesting that Dobbs would steal and build upon Bill O’Reilly’s vast G.E. conspiracy. I don’t know how much longer CNN will stick with Dobbs and his sinking ratings, but it certainly appears that Dobbs is auditioning for a job at Fox News. Since Dobbs has shifted his position from independent journalist to right winger, it is almost logical that he will someday end up on Fox News.

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