John McCain: Palin is the Feminists’ Worst Nightmare

Aug 02 2009 Published by under Featured News

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Sen. John McCain spoke about Sarah Palin. McCain said that “To the liberal left, particularly the feminists, she is their worst nightmare.” McCain was trying to compliment Palin, and he was correct Palin is their worst nightmare, because she sets the cause of women’s rights back 100 years.

McCain said to The Wall Street Journal, “Let’s face it. She galvanized our base in a way that I couldn’t. Everywhere she went she drew enormous and enthusiastic crowds like a rock star. He says his only regret in selecting the Alaska governor was that no one on the campaign predicted the ferocity of the assaults against her. “To the liberal left, particularly the feminists, she is their worst nightmare.”

It is interesting that McCain admitted that he couldn’t bring the Republican Party together last year. In large part this was due to the fact that he wasn’t far enough to the right for them. By the way, the myth of Palin’s rock star status is greatly overblown. As a candidate, Palin couldn’t draw half the crowds that Obama was drawing on a regular basis. Palin is nowhere near Obama’s level in terms of campaigning.

McCain was trying to compliment Palin, but his comment brings up a point worth discussing. Women who dislike Palin seem to have their distaste rooting in the image she projects. Palin doesn’t come off as a strong intelligent woman with leadership and ideas. Instead, she is happy to be the empty headed eye candy of the Republican Party. She is completely devoid of ideas and substance.

Palin’s positions such as making women pay $300-$1,200 for their rape kits while she was the mayor of Wasilla. Her views on women’s issues caused any female Hillary Clinton supporters who may have been on the fence about Obama to flock to the Democratic nominee. Republicans may comfort themselves by thinking that Democrats are afraid of Palin, but the truth is that Sarah Palin is a great fund raising and mobilization tool for the Democrats.

Many Democrats are quietly hoping that the Republicans finish off their path of self destruction by nominating Palin in 2012. Palin is unelectable, and her oddball decision to quit as Alaska governor, didn’t help her cause. No one fears Sarah Palin, but dutiful Republicans like McCain continue to sell her as a force, because their party has nothing else.

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